Book: 80,000 Hours

41BTYPVLGFL._SL250_.jpg80,000 Hours (Amazon) is a book more for early career people, so I didn’t get a huge amount out of it – other than validation on some of my choices and confirmation that others (**cough** grad school **cough**) were perhaps a bit questionable. There’s also a newsletter which I found interesting at first, but in general it is a lot of time, so as I’m pretty happy in my career and with what I’m doing it wasn’t worthwhile.

There are two main things in the book. The first is about effective altruism – they make a good (albeit lengthy) case that often the best way to “do good” is to earn more and give it away strategically.

The second idea builds on this, which is – how do you make a good career? How do you figure out what to do, and do it effectively. How do you build “career capital” (and what is career capital anyway).

I wish they had a more succinct summary, but if you’re early in your career or contemplating a change, it could be helpful.