Book: Why Him? Why Her?

why-him-why-herI’ve no recollection of buying Why Him? Why Her?: How to Find and Keep Lasting Love and no idea why I did. Some random mood 1-2 years ago, most likely – and carried around on my Kindle ever since. One chapter in I hated it. It was explaining personality traits by hormones, something that was debunked in Delusions of Gender and I have no time for. And then bolstering those statements by discussing trans people in a really offensive way.

I nearly gave up, but persevered until I found some insight in it which left me asking the question – can you get something out of reading a book that you disagree with on a number of fundamental levels? Begrudgingly by the end I had to concede the answer was “yes”. It’s essentially a book about different personality types (roughly corresponding to Myers Briggs) are attracted to and interact with each other. There’s a test to identify your primary (mine was Adventurer) and secondary (Director) types and a break down of what different types are like in relationships, and how they interact with other types in relationships. I definitely identified with the characteristics in Adventurers/Directors, and explained some character traits of exes in a way that I found interesting.

I made it to the end of the book and I feel like I learned some things, but I don’t recommend it. There have to be better sources of this kind of information.

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