Giving Up on Android Wear


I discarded my Android watch in the UK. My brief period as the kind of idiot that wears two smart watches is over. I’m all in on iOS.

The irony is I actually preferred the Android wear, I haven’t really made sense of the Apple Watch and it’s even more annoying to have a bunch of random apps on my wrist. I don’t have the activity tracker hooked up. Google maps and default calendar don’t work as well, and it feels like my calendar is never properly synced. I miss Fitcat.

But my nostalgia for the android wear is for when it worked which in practice wasn’t that often. The step counter borked a while before I gave up on it and my cat was constantly fat and recriminating, no matter how much I moved. It would randomly disconnect from my phone. Bluetooth destroyed my phone battery life to the point where I thought the phone itself was broken.

So why not replace it with another Android wear? Because I worry that would have the same issues, and because of where I used to work I am accustomed to getting Android products for free (that one a friend gave me; I gave him a bottle of water). But most of all because the Android watches are huge and ugly and the Apple Watch is cute and dinky and rose gold. Form over function, then.

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But most of all because the Android watches are huge and ugly and the Apple Watch is cute and dinky and rose gold.

Heh, my biggest objection to a smartwatch is the fact that most of them look like a house arrest ankle-monitor on a woman’s wrist. I have a sneaking suspicion there are no women (or at least no women who are listened to) on the design teams for smart watches.

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