Book: Mental Traps

mental traps Mental Traps (Amazon) is like… a taxonomy of the unhelpful mental behaviour we regularly engage in. One of my friends recommended it to me after I admitted being a completionist, saying it was so helpful she hadn’t needed to finish it.

I did actually make it to the end, take that as you will.

As a completionist, finishing things that I’m not really enjoying is one of my biggest irrationalities. Procrastination is also covered, as is starting things too early. I found it kind of exhausting to go through all the ways that we don’t help ourselves, but at the same time it made me think (or hope) that the things I beat myself up for are very normal. It also made me aware of some unhelpful patterns, and more understanding of other peoples – different – mental traps.

All in all I would say if you’re interested in being happier and realise at times we get caught up in things that don’t help with that, it’s worth a read.