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Hanging out in Berlin! I’ve been meeting lots of lovely people and exploring – it’s great. Still feeling under the weather but I’ve been making it to the gym, even if only for cardio!

Starting to think about where I will go next, Montreal is pretty high on the list right now!


Spent most of the week rewriting the innards of the app in C to make it faster, sent out a new build which is much faster, although I have a new, even faster one, to distribute. Starting on Android whilst I gather feedback and UX nits.

Chiu-ki and I did out first Technically Speaking hangout, which was great. We ran out of space! Which is such a good problem to have – and not one we expected!

Looks like I will be speaking at mdevcon in Amsterdam at the start of March, and iOSDevUK in Aberystwyth in September.


Finding some favourite haunts including Roamers Coffee for breakfast and Tabibito for sushi.

Other brunch/lunch/coffee places include ChippsLagariCroissantarie, Bully’s Bakery (they say sandwich but are actually more like pizza), Pic Nic 34, Azzam (middle eastern, huge portions), Silo Coffee (salted chocolate cake), Daluma (yummy smoothie but a bit scary health food), and Antipodes (super cute).

Fabulous dinner at Nudo, quite liked Kimchi Princess but best to go with people I think.

Went to the Topography of Terror Museum. It’s a detailed timeline and description of the horrors of the Third Reich. I found it really draining and upsetting, and I now know vastly more about that part of history than I did previously. It took me hours to get around it, because I kept feeling like I was going to cry, or started to not take in the information, so I was taking breaks every 30 minutes or so to sit and read on my kindle.


In the gym watched the rest of Season 3 of Veep. It’s good, although I don’t know if I enjoyed it quite as much as the previous ones, the Jonah character really grates on me and he was in it more.

Reading, still, The Black Swan and Professional Android Application Development. Novels: The Truth About Melody Browne (this was great), If You Were Me (I liked this book better than the one of hers I read last week), Chloe (mostly I liked the story, although the portrayal of gay men was offensive in a product of it’s time way and at a minimum really dates the book), The Beach Hut Next Door (only just getting into it but I admire how she manages to make a story with so many subplots).

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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