This Week

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Hung out with friends, went to a startups meetup (interesting). Spent an afternoon teaching kids Python with Stemettes. Quality time in the gym – keeping things low key this week. By Sunday though I was totally zonked!

Speakers are up for iOSDevUK.


Demanding. Exhausting. But looked back at what I’ve achieved this quarter and even if there are fewer lines of code than I would have liked, I do think it’s been productive. Ended up working Saturday to catch up after spending much of Friday at the workshop, but it was nice to just have some peace and quiet to get some code written.


Delicious brunch at Granger and Co, dinner at Bedales (nice! light) and Ping Pong.


Last couple of episodes of Covert Affairs – oh, the drama! Looking forward to Season 5. Now watching Suburgatory (light relief). Still (still!) reading Gravitas, novel-wise re-read Flora’s Lot and Fast Friends (not one of her better books)

Went to the Museum of London, reminded myself that I much prefer art.

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