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This Week

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Not so much time for life this past week! Went to Programming Languages I’ve Been Meaning To Try But Haven’t Got Around To Yet, not that I got any actual programming done! Too zonked from jetlag and a long week. Too busy running around meeting up with people to do much else, although it is great to see so many people I know in SF and the valley! Got back in time to spend some time with another friend who was over for a brief visit, so that was cool.

Booked my flights for Kiwi Foo. Feel slightly sick at how expensive it was, and how many hours I will need to spend on planes! Alternating between excitement and panic and contemplation of cancelling my ticket. Haven’t been outside Auckland airport, so opted to hang out there rather than stopping off for longer in Sydney. It feels too soon to go back to Sydney; I’m still too sad about having left.


Hectic week spent with my entire team, and other people I know there. But some helpful connections, and I hope I’ve figured out what my next project will be. Really good chat with my mentor, who is amazing, and always puts things in perspective.


San Francisco: Stayed at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco (very swanky, great conditioner) – which I booked with airmiles so it was free, yay! Brunch at The Grove (fab) and Honey Honey. Dim Sum at Yank Sing (tasty) and sushi at Live Sushi Bar (great). Also got to see the Pinterest and Stripe (again) offices, which was cool.

The Valley: Stayed at the Sheraton San Jose. The first night I couldn’t figure out the heating and barely slept for being too hot. The second night the gym was full when I tried to go in the morning. Pretty much the same as all the other hotels in that area, although so far from the office, which was a pain. Went for dinner at Cijjo which was meh, so we got desert at Xahn (amazing). Also went to Spice Kit (quick and cheap and tasty), Seto Tempura House (love the decor and the food) and Fu Lam Mum (ok).

London: Went for dinner at the Blackbird (I was so jetlagged that not much appealed, but even so I think – not great), got desert at the Troubador (visitors have to try treacle pie), and brunch at Table Cafe (ok), and tea and cake at Albion Cafe (I think the victoria sponge was too sweet).


Watching Covert Affairs Season 4. Still reading 4 Hour Body (not doing great at photographing everything I eat), and The Richer Sex. Read It Felt Like a Kiss (interesting story, wasn’t convinced by the chemistry between the protagonists).

Went to see Richard Hamilton at the Tate Modern, there were a couple of pieces that I really liked but most of it I felt ambivalent about. Impressive range though.

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