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In a bit of an emotional funk this week, spent a good amount of time in the gym (got in a yoga class and a weight class, for the first time in weeks), and then got a cold/sore throat towards the end of the week, just in time for my flight to the US, so that was fun. And probably why I wasn’t feeling great all week! Realised on the last plane that I was supposed to take this trip last year, but didn’t for reasons, and a couple of other things that were probably affecting my mood, even if I was too busy to consciously be aware of them!

Forced myself out of hermit-mode to go to the theatre with a friend and her partner, which was fab, and caught up with people in SF, which was great.

Got an invite to Kiwi Foo, which sounds really cool, so I’m trying to figure out if I can make the dates/flights work. I have time as I was contemplating a vacation around then anyway, but it’s so expensive. I’m sure I will get a bunch out of it, but will it be enough to justify the cost of a round trip ticket?


Really swamped, and stressed by porting something over, lack of domain knowledge, and realising if I could go back I would have done it completely differently. So I guess I learned something…! Prepping for a talk I’m giving next week. Got a nice thank-you for some diversity stuff I did, which is cool. Always good to be appreciated.


Brunch at Granger and Co, which is the actual London location of what in Sydney is “Bill’s” – there is some other Bills in London, which uses a similar font but isn’t actually the same as far as I can make out (and isn’t anywhere near as good!), this one was amazing. Had dinner at Cha Cha Moon, which was tasty, quick to get food (although not to get the bill!) and convenient for the theatre.


Watching Covert Affairs Season 4, Big Bang Theory Season 7, and got the iTunes box set of Veronica Mars.

Started reading 4 Hour Body (so far – photographing everything I eat), and The Richer Sex (interesting, on the increasing economic power of women and the effect on relationships).

Read a lot of novels this week – The Best Thing I Never Had (about women being the best – and worst – to each other), Here’s Looking at You  (I liked it, much stronger female protagonist than I usually find, reminded me a bit of Pride and Prejudice in some of it’s plot twists), The Unpredictable Consequences of Love (I like Jill Mansell, she’s a good writer, this book was a bit man rescues broken woman though), and A Year Like No Other (hmm, not sure how I feel about this one, bunch of tropes about grasping women and nice men, and what I call the convenient miscarriage storyline – where woman gets pregnant by an idiot, can’t bear to get rid of it, but it’s all conveniently not a problem in time for the eventual Mr Right).

Saw I Can’t Sing, also known as the X Factor Musical, which was amazing. I think it might even have passed the Bechdel test, although only barely. I don’t watch X Factor, so a bunch of the jokes were lost on me, but it was weird and funny and fabulous and a great night out.

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