Book: The Happiness Trap

The Happiness TrapThe Happiness Trap (Amazon) is a book based on ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Essentially, the premise is that forcing yourself to “think positive” is actively unhelpful, and instead you should just find space for difficult emotions, and not take difficult thoughts seriously. Focus on taking a positive action instead.

Tips that I’ve been using: saying to myself “I’m having the thought that…” when some negative piece of self-loathing pops into my head.

And, when I feel upset about something, just breathing deeply and letting it pass, rather than deliberately putting it in a box or focusing on something happy instead.

It’s interesting, and I’m definitely not connecting as much with the negative thoughts that pop into my head.

The next part is to identify your values and take action, regardless of the negative thoughts (fear) you might be having. You identify the actions, make space for the fear, and go ahead and create a meaningful life.

All in all, I found it useful, and think it’s worth reading, even if you are not currently struggling with anxiety or depression.

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