Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08

  • Colleague and I dealt with the stress and pressure of Advanced Planning and booked tickets to see Hamlet at Sydney opera house. Exciting! #
  • Interesting – reverse incentives – #
  • Awesome workout with @Krajewski83 this morning… But now it hurts!! #
  • Oooh @NomNomTreats just bought me the BEST CUPCAKE I have ever tasted! Mmmmmmmm! #
  • Weird? Genius? Creepily needy? A device that physically pokes you when you receive a poke on facebook – #
  • Ooh, one pet I could probably keep alive – a robot fish – #
  • High-schoolers interested in studying CS at university should check out CSSI – (esp. girls and other minorities in CS) #
  • Ooh, cutting my first js cl in a loooooooooong time. Bring on the code review! Eep! #
  • Maybe rethink those extra slides – Shorter slide decks get read – #
  • Sometimes, not often, I think I would like to live in the countryside, if I did I'd like it to look like a cloud – #
  • Watching 12 Angry Men. Very grateful the justice system has evolved since then! #
  • Feeling low this evening, will feel 1000x better if I go to the gym, but motivation to move at all is lacking. #
  • Guy tapped on car window as I was leaving. Screamed head off! But made it! (@ The Athletic Club Waterloo w/ 2 others) #
  • Awesome to arrive and see supportive tweets. Thanks @feather @pixie658 @scherem, I love the twitterverse! #
  • be thankful that you are privileged. It's not a bad thing in itself, but it is a great responsibility /via @harthvader #
  • One will until I leave for AUSTRALIA! So very excited! But still undecided between sleeping pills and opiates for surviving the flight. #
  • Very, very cool video! #
  • Finally got round to reading this from ages ago, fascinating – Stephen Wolfram on the personal analytics of his life – #
  • This building looks out of place, but awesome. #
  • I'm sure I am deeply annoying to everyone I know by calculating exactly where I will be this time next week. Now: still on a plane. #
  • I haven't got @ mentions on iPhone or android for days… I remember when I thought the iOS twitter app was the best iOS app… :,( #
  • "Stepford leadership" – Why some leadership advice traps women in the social vacuum of the 1950s. - via @HarvardBiz #
  • Soooooo excited by gifts I got my parents to arrive, obsessively checking fedex tracking. Held up in customs. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! #
  • Epic letter of resignation, RE the whole fb passwords debate – /via @dgou @ResumeStrategy #
  • "we need to admit that "ICT in schools" has become a toxic brand" – why kids need to learn to code – /via @hmason #
  • Impulse purchase of 2 new pairs of glasses, which won't be here before I leave. Hopefully I remember to collect them on my return! #
  • Security vulnerability in Facebook on Android and iOS. My seemingly irrational paranoia and refusal to install fb apps is vindicated. #
  • Hey @Pj_Lowe @write_girl I accidentally bought matching sneakers and wallet… Is that weird? So cute though! #
  • This time next week I'll be showered after the loooooong flight and having lunch with my favorite Australian colleagues! Eeeep!!!!! #
  • Reading physical book. Haven't done that in ages. It's so heavy! And where is the built in light?! #
  • Practicing strong painkillers as plan on using them to survive flight to oz. Feel extremely nauseous, but also very relaxed about it. #
  • Although nausea could be because I cooked. Quite unlike myself this evening will all this cooking and relaxing and physical books weirdness. #
  • Free end of seasons in April! So nice! (@ OW Sports) #
  • Dinner with @melissabernais! (@ Yours Truly) #
  • Submitted upgrade request for flight. Waitlisted. I am leaving SOON! Contemplating starting to pack, even. #

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