Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

  • Wow – Australian evisitor visa thing is EFFiCIENT. Applied last night, in my inbox this morning. Although how is no stamps in passport good? #
  • Shopping for birthday gifts for parents today. Pleased with what I got. They have no clue what up get me, gift-buying talent not hereditary. #
  • "[Being different] over a whole lifetime, adds up to an enormous amount of needless trouble." – /via @terriko #
  • Sad little box-dude, Anton Tang's pictures are always beautiful – #
  • LOVE this article on why engineering is a great career, totally agree, empowering to create things – /by @gayle #
  • I'm doing much better at life this week! Still no health insurance, but have managed to fill out form! Now to figure out what to do w/it. #
  • Went to buy my parents birthday cards but they are all tasteless so I will write them heartfelt postit notes instead. #
  • A few months ago I had the thought "If I was paranoid, I would do X". Today, really wishing I had done X. #
  • This could go badly… Experimenting with self tanner. Don't want to scare the aussies with my pasty Brit-girl post Canadian winter look! #
  • AMAZING post – "The speaker-as-whore label is just one of many tools used over the centuries to keep women quiet." – #
  • Love this picture from Anton Tang – "I'm counting on you to save me" – #
  • Spoke to building mgt and police, bike was def stolen :'( Chances of return, negligible. Very sad. Trying to find serial # for insurance. #
  • Locked bike to stand, inside locked room in locked building. Argh! #
  • Did you see @girlgeekskw recap on our Women in Eng event by @melle? Well worth a read, whether you were there or not: #
  • I adore this picture! Instagrammer – #
  • Thanks to @scherem, I have a plan for obtaining and raising a koala – #
  • To feel good: convince yourself you're superior… just as encouraging to find ways others aren't quite so superior – #
  • I am winning at bureaucracy lately. Today, sorted out dentist in kw, got a checkup, and I'm getting my wisdom teeth out finally! #
  • Thanks @dgou for restoring my faith in humanity during an week containing multiple unpleasant things xox #
  • Small gitastrophe. #
  • Discovery: There is an "other" group of messages on Facebook, and I have one from last May from someone wanting to use some of my viz stuff. #
  • Do I reply explaining I just discovered these messages and that FB is a terrible way to contact people for this kind of thing? #
  • Did you see that @nomnomtreats now has thankyou boxes? They are super cute! #
  • After 3 hours cardio my feet hurt soooooo much and feel like I could eat a small to medium sized animal, or a REALLY large plant. #

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