Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-18

  • It is 4 in the morning. I basically just took the readeye. Zzzzzzzz (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)) #
  • Border dude obsessed with value of pens/silly bands for outreach events. Pretty sure I’m going to be searched now. Worst. Flight. Yet. #
  • And yay! Later today I get to book my flight to NYC. Next freakin’ weekend. #
  • Was sent to more border people! That guy was such a jerk! Next border person apologised and said excessive. And bag of pens is safe. #
  • “I came for academia and stayed for community” #
  • It’s @kwawesomefound pitch night on Wednesday! Join us at the little bean coffee shop in downtown kitchener! Pitches start @ 7! #
  • Everything seems better after hanging with my fave @Pj_Lowe! <3 #
  • I’m so lucky! @Pj_Lowe just made my day 😀 #
  • Doing the Strengthsfinder survey for a leadership course I’m taking. Unsure if it’s bunk or if I am that much of a jerk… #
  • Oooh shiny new money! It’s @kwawesomefound time! #
  • Ok someone on stage @kwawesomefound is performing bike maintenance, live. Crickey! #
  • Loving @karmicevolution‘s passion for the five dollar project @kwawesomefound! So much conviction – that 5 dollars can change the world. #
  • Every time we do. @kwawesomefound pitch night I want to find ALL THE PROJECTS. How will we decide?! #
  • A @kwawesomefound pitch night is such a joyous experience. So enthused about our community! #
  • If you’re all fired up with enthusiasm after last night’s @kwawesomefound, you have about 6 weeks to get your application in for may! #
  • Extremely annoying: People who take ages to do something but when expecting something from you are like THIS IS A CRISIS, DO IT NOW! #
  • Trying to book Australia trip, air canada keeps insisting I call. I know we spend a lot of time together, but we’re not actually that close. #
  • We still have some tickets left for @GirlGeeksKW next Tuesday! Mary Wells is awesome, and it’s national engineering month. Come! #
  • In denial about the end of the season, my skis still reside in my car, and my boot bag and ski pants in the hallway… #
  • For a moment this morning when I saw the fog I thought it had snowed and I could go skiing… So not the case :,( #
  • Intern complaining about my bag to check, I explain hair and skin reqs and he says: “fine, I forgive you. Because being a woman is hard”. #
  • Border dude asked me if I was married today. Is that a question they’re allowed to ask? Any men get asked that lately? Seemed inappropriate. #

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