Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-11

  • We biked to see the android sculptures! #
  • She's not feeling him up, they are holding hands #
  • CUPCAKE!!!!! #
  • Three's company! #
  • If those are Larry and Sergey, we think it's Sergey who is upside down. #
  • Steam punk android! #
  • Feels like we are on a visit to summertime. Completely baffled by people wearing heavy jackets. And scarves! #
  • Day 3 in MTV, planned exercise schedule gone out the window. Remembering how exhausting the leave-8am-return-10pm days are. #
  • Feeling extremely down about humanity today. Maybe it was hearing a baby product manager talk about "product vision". Maybe something else. #
  • Such a fun night out with my team! Mini-golfing and sushi. Fun! #
  • Is it weird that an early thought on waking up was "nooooo my whole team are gone, who is going to do my code reviews?" guess i love my job! #
  • Spontaneous mini golfing with @zmagg!!! (@ Golfland USA w/ 3 others) [pic]: #
  • Found it pretty charming how enthusiastic driver was about self-driving cars this morning! #
  • Aaaaaaand my flight is delayed. This is why my manager advices people not to travel with me. Still, the delta lounge is delightful! #
  • Trying to be zen about this flight delay but current ETA in Toronto is 2am, and the lounge just closed. But hey! I have a $10 food voucher. #
  • Seriously, I spent a long time suffering in cattle class last year to get elite status now, and it appears to mean nothing. #aircanada #fail #
  • Flight is so not leaving at 6. I could cry right now. Watching what was left of my weekend, my precious free time, disappear. #
  • Don't believe flight is ever going to leave… Going to end up like the guy in the movie who lived at the airport… :,( :,( :,( :,( :,( :,( #
  • Boarding!!!!! #

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