Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

  • Over 700 unread, undealt with emails. I'd declare inbox bankruptcy, but that seems like too much work. #
  • Feeling ready for the week after spending some quality time upside down in anti-gravity yoga… 🙂 #
  • I'm thinking it's mad to even try for 6am spin tomorrow… But it could be followed by 7am kettle bells… But avg wakeup time lately: 930. #
  • brutal spin class, forgot swim suit which is why I came out early… and I need a nap! (@ The Athletic Club Waterloo) #
  • If you missed the last @kwawesomefound pitch night, our winner was Spark: (also – get your application in for March!) #
  • Very excited for @lccarson tonight @girlgeekskw! (@ The Embassy) [pic]: #
  • "Once upon a time we did not know what legacy software was… because we were writing it!" @lccarson speaking @GirlGeeksKW #
  • "Go somewhere where geeks are rare" – love this! @lccarson @GirlGeeksKW #
  • Loving @lccarson's charming story about her parents navigating their meeting and marriage in Europe, via @google street view @GirlGeeksKW #
  • Such a fun @GirlGeeksKW tonight! Amazing talk from @lccarson and love the mix of old and new faces! Thanks @Pj_Lowe @melle for organizing! #
  • Four women in an office full of men, discussing how life much better to be lesbians. 3 wishing they could do it, whilst the lesbian gloats. #
  • Argh four day week hard enough, without having a complete computer reinstall and a throat infection. Have I mentioned that I hate computers? #
  • You are running out of time to get your @kwawesomefound application in. Do it today! #
  • Nooooo Kitchener city council cancelled the snow? This is why I hate politics. #
  • Hey Londoners @zara_p @alistert want to hang out with @zmagg? She arrives on sunday. #
  • Such a fabulous dinner at verses with @melle @scotchneat @atomicfern! Happy birthday @melissabernais <3 #
  • Spa day! Much needed! (@ Voila Salon an Spa) #

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