Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-19

  • Celebrating my shiny new kindle by finishing two more Anne of green gables books… But sad that she gave up being a career girl. #
  • The delight at never doing geometry again, even if fictional, made me cry a little inside. I used geometry this week! #
  • Yay! Got my acceptance fot #tedxwaterloo Can't wait – last year was AMAZING! #
  • Less than a week to the next @GirlGeeksKW with the fabulous @lccarson! I'm SO EXCITED! Tickets have sold out, but the waitlist is open. #
  • My intern is presenting his project right now, I'm totally proud of him. It's awesome! #
  • Can anyone help us out with a projector and screen for @GirlGeeksKW next week? #
  • Very exciting to see the @kwawesomefound crew and do some plotting! Did you get your application in yet? Deadline is soon! #
  • Excited to hang out – literally – with @write_girl at anti-gravity yoga tonight. Even if it is the one where you don't go upside down! #
  • Love this! High street clothing size chart – /via @emma_pepler /by @darkgreener #
  • Cute! (@ The Cake Box) [pic]: #
  • Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! Excellent time to prepare a @kwawesomefound application in time for our next pitch night! #

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