Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

  • Sunday morning decisions: spin, boot camp, or anti-gravity yoga? #
  • Totally bushed after another manic Sunday… Boot camp, 90 mins cardio, spin and swimming! Ready for bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! #
  • Zenned out on post work-outs exhaustion, tasty Thai food, extremely strong painkillers and drop dead diva, which is awesome! #
  • Did you get your ticket for the next @GirlGeeksKW yet? The extraordinary @lccarson is speaking – #
  • I don't /think/ I hit my head when I wiped out at racing tonight, but I don't fully recall what happened and now I have a headache. #
  • It is clearly just unreasonable for @douglasgresham to travel during the ski season. Who will watch me if/when I concuss myself? #
  • Was dreading the end of Ann of green gables because Matthew dies… But I had a shitty day so it's like, hey I'm crying already! Do it! #
  • Oh this is hilarious – Wat – /via @douglasgresham #
  • Sometimes I worry that my tolerance for arrogant, on the spectrum, nerdy boys is too low to succeed as a software engineer. #
  • Eventful day! Ass kicked by trainer, sliced open thumb, started 2 small fires, saw two Mounties, 90 mins cardio, swimming and IT'S SNOWING!! #
  • In another sign that I'm a completely different person since I stopped traveling… I bought ingredients and COOKED dinner today. #
  • Before anyone gets too concerned, I burnt it. So it's not like cate was /completely/ replace by an alien or a fembot or anything. #

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