Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-05

  • Yesterday: spin, 50 mins cardio, swimming. Today: spin, skiing, 80 mins cardio and hot yoga. And now… Strong painkillers and bed. Zzzzzzz! #
  • I feel great but also everything hurts. Also, I could totally get into this not traveling malarky! As exhausting as plane but MUCH MORE FUN! #
  • Damn, I am interviewing this afternoon and as a result having a complete outfit crisis. What to wear?! #
  • Look what @NomNomTreats made! #
  • Awesome race training! Didn't miss a gate! Sadly ski pole now missing… many of the things that made it a ski pole. #
  • Great work out with my trainer Mike @ personal edge this morning. He's taking on new clients and you can have $50 off your first 4 sessions. #
  • Finalizing the details for the next @GirlGeeksKW! Stay tuned! #
  • You've been waiting for this moment… tickets up for Feb's @GirlGeeksKW with the inimitable @lccarson! get 'em quick! #
  • The outstanding @lccarson will be speaking at @GirlGeeksKW Feb 21st, have you got your ticket yet? #
  • More than 1/3 of tickets gone already, I'm going to use a new adjective for @lccarson every day until they are gone… #
  • When the nicest possible explanation is "conducting an experiment to see how much I can be pissed off prior to exploding" you have a problem #
  • Ooh! Look what @douglasgresham bought me! @blendcreations – my favorite! #
  • Goal for today: thoughts less stabby, more fluffy bunnies. #
  • I have to admit, @melissabernais does indeed have magical properties when it comes to border crossing! Cherry coke supply replenished! #

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