Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

  • I don't think @fillenumerique enjoyed anti-gravity yoga as much as I did, but I was quite proud of my vampire today. Good core work! 🙂 #
  • took @fillenumerique to works, ordered portobello shroom then when it arrived said "where's the burger? It's not a burger without a burger" #
  • Tubing!!!!! (@ Chicopee Tube Park) #
  • Yay lunch with my favorite @Pj_Lowe plotting for @GirlGeeksKW is a great way to start the week! Stay tuned for what's happening in feb! #
  • "I'm not atheist, I'm indifferent… I just find it hard to believe in an all-powerful being who takes such a keen interest in my sex life" #
  • Two people asking me to do academicky things in the last week. I thought I escaped from academia? #
  • Now my contribution to the ivory tower is taking resumes from people seeking to escape, before they get in a lifetime relationship w/Prozac. #
  • Totally had a great time being the mean judge tonight at i2e @ UW. Love students who have cool ideas and EXECUTE! #
  • Totally awesome time racing today! And it's snowing! Life is good 🙂 #
  • 1. Get thing running on device. 2. Cover device in glitter. 3. Take picture. 4. Send to PM with msg: "more things, more better now?!?!?" #
  • Snow! Who else is tempted to bunk off and go skiing? #
  • .@kwawesomefound website is back at – we're accepting applications for our March event. Are you awesome? TELL US WHY! #
  • This is why verses is my favorite restaurant in #kwawesome they made me a giant mint truffle! #

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