Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

  • It's official, I'm switching to wind and using my new galaxy nexus as a modem to tether my iPhone 4s to. This will save about $150/month. #
  • I go in with iPhone and he say "no iPhone" and I'm like "I have another!" and pull nexus out. Other guy gets phone envy. #
  • He tells me I should do pay-after rather than pre-pay in case I want a phone. I say, "do I seem short on phones to you?". Glad it's sorted. #
  • It's @kwawesomefound pitch night at the little bean on wednesday! Someone will leave with $1k. Come along and vote for your fave! #
  • Extremely damp after skiing in the rain. V grateful for my latest piece of corp branded schwag which is warm and matches my skis! #
  • Someone just described me as a "renaissance woman". I am completely flatter and will of course now do anything they ask. Charming! #
  • I'm SO EXCITED for @kwaesomefound tomorrow! Pitches start at 7 sharp @littlebeankw. Come out and vote for your fave! #
  • Ready for @kwawesome! (@ Little Bean Coffee Bar) #
  • And he's singing! #kwawesome #
  • I love it when people bring props to @kwawesomefound, singing is new but also #kwawesome 🙂 #
  • "I can't describe how much this will affect the people of kw… Because I have no idea" – love his honesty! #kwawesome #
  • Always amused when people make blackberry a selling point @kwawesomefound, there are no RIM employees on the board (but 2 googlers!) #
  • Eight #kwawesome pitches tonight @kwawesomefound, I love this community! #
  • Love how many university students are out tonight. Two are talking about an entrepreneurship contest they are running next week! #kwawesome #
  • Spark music leaves @kwawesomefound with $1000 in a brown paper bag to make his project reality! #kwawesome #
  • Always feel super energized after a @kwawesomefound! Last night was amazing! Thanks to everyone who came out! #
  • Look what I have @Pj_Lowe @write_girl – not in stores until tomorrow! #
  • Hey #kwawesome – Impact Awards are open for .CA sites – /via @krusk #
  • Checking out my first anti-gravity yoga class! (@ The Athletic Club Waterloo) #
  • Spin! Feeling great after yesterday's cardio + anti-gravity yoga + "intervals". 2-3 hours in gym is a gift I should give myself more often. #

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