Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

  • So @Douglasgresham thinks I spoil his cousins. He’s solved this by leaving half their gifts in Canada. Also his aunt and mother’s. So upset! #
  • My dad burst out laughing and said “well you really buggered up there mate”. #
  • Good tips here: 7 Things Highly Productive People Do – /via @IncMagazine @uOttawa_M #
  • LOVE this 100+ year-old essay about women in science – shows how times change – /via @elizabrock #
  • Interesting article about lack of work-life balance in science – /via @scicurious #
  • Not a sports fan, but this article is good “5 Leadership Lessons From Tim Tebow’s Game-Time Audio” – /via @JuliaRosien #
  • I love the lines on this building – #
  • How are you in bed? There’s an app for that! Interesting idea in Stockholm to promote safe sex – #
  • On resisting the cult of “busy” – You’re not as Busy as You Think - /via @kymchiho @melle #
  • Aww so cute! Baby seal falls asleep on sofa – /via @davefleet @M_Gagnier @michellekostya #
  • Teachers *say* they value creativity, but neglect/punish traits associated with creativity – /via iamcreative @jyri #
  • Off to Scotland tomorrow to face a pack of vicious animals and @douglasgresham‘s terrifying grandmother. #
  • This is really cool! Portrait of Grace Hopper made up of information – /via @spcebaby @ghc #
  • Neat! Coffee cup and lid from one piece of cardboard – /via @dgou @pprfldr @grist @AmyMarpman #
  • Love this post – a teacher on being an “accidental champion” of women STEM – /via @alfredtwo #
  • This post is amazing – a primary school teacher addresses gender stereotypes in class – /via @zara_p #
  • Saying goodbye to intern (poppet) today. He sends message saying “Don’t panic. There will be another intern.” V sad he’s leaving us though! #
  • Good advice on the Eloquent Woman – How do you treat the true friends of the speaker? #
  • Love this picture – Test Flight by Anton Tang – #

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