Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-18

  • "How to get more women in tech in under a minute" really bothered me when I saw it in NYC too – /via @zmagg #
  • Artist strips out landscape from Google Earth photos. Leaves only people like birds on a wire – /via @aranoff @moorehn #
  • I really like this, on hiring people who know how to fail – /via @mypromotion /by @Stibel #
  • OK, I'm going to go to Guelph – The Works there is finally open! #
  • Lego Harry Potter 100% complete! I feel better about going on vacation now. #
  • Plan to go to Rome. Sadly you can laugh in the religious porn place now, so my ambition to be kicked out the Vatican may remain unfulfilled. #
  • These are super-cute! Ctl, Alt, Delete cushions – /via @jennschac jberesford #
  • They see monsters! What children's drawings would look like if drawn realistically – /via @intrstngtimes #
  • Interesting, and worth reading for technical women – Anti-pattern theater: how to get women to quit – /via @triketora #
  • This is really cool – two buildings, connected by a pixelated "cloud" – #
  • This image of Obama made up of pictures of him is really cool (and a nice example of cc-licensing pictures) – #
  • Two of my fave GWE's and the ever-wondeful @rjfioravanti worked on this – get scribbling in mobile gmail, y'all! #
  • Great post – 'No Crazy Chicks': Eight Red Flags I Learned from Online Dating – /via @GOOD #
  • Achievement unlocked: upped weight on lat pull down, trainer couldn't lift it. I did 12! He beats me at every other muscle group though! #
  • Christopher hitchens is dead. Have to admire strength and humor to the end, & that he actually got water boarded in the name of journalism. #
  • /via @bl #
  • Leaving for airport in 3 hours! Better get packing! #
  • Oh hai London! (@ London Heathrow Airport (LHR) w/ 36 others) #

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