Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

  • I love my job, but this company has a no email policy, which sounds like paradise! #
  • Applying design thinking to life, it's not just about sweeping change, but small and impactful improvements – #
  • There is no living up to your potential. There is just doing your life. You can't do someone else's life. #
  • No, Dorothy L Sayers! #
  • Every do often an email arrives that reminds me why I check it. I'm going to reply to this one! #
  • Oh hilarious – Yoga mat for sale. Used once – /via @jenny_blake #
  • I really like this image, it's beautiful – #
  • This building is amazing! Of course it's for Singapore, where the most crazy-awesome buildings seem to be planned – #
  • Woman: "you're always traveling" guy "you either have a good job or a good husband" me "I don't think I'm skinny enough to be a trophy wife" #
  • Sign I'm having an emotional low: sending email. Last night I sent about 10. Need for vacation: desperate. #
  • Mixed up piles of paper reading patent, re-read what I already read, backwards. Don't notice for several pages, which illustrates something. #
  • Like this – How About Being Nice Before You Need Me? #
  • Ooh look what @Pj_Lowe aka @NomNomTreats bought me! #

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