Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

  • Sad that #ghc11 is over but already looking forward to #ghc12 in Baltimore! #
  • Can't wait for @GirlGeeksKW on Tuesday! Still a couple of tickets left – hurry! #
  • They made me turn my kindle "off". But digital watch ok? F*ck security theatre. #
  • Only after @ghc can I feel this inspired, creative, energized… And exhausted. It's like being chewed up+spat out by inspiration monster. #
  • Hilary Clinton's "Women's Rights a Human Rights" speech analysis – powerful, inspiring stuff! #
  • HATE it when women can't seem to stand to help other women. Urgh!!!!!! #
  • Dubious achievement unlocked: had kindle less than a year, read 151 books… 116 novels, so I guess I'm not as well informed as I could be. #
  • Unfortunate thing about more responsibility: it comes with more email. I think email once a day may be at an end… good whilst it lasted. #
  • Excited for this evenings @GirlGeeksKW on gaming and gender with delicious food from @CateringFungi and tasty chocolate mousse by @Pj_Lowe #
  • Games industry in Ontario subsidized to up to 40% of salaries with no consideration or measurement for equity. #girlgeekskw #
  • Neo-liberal tolerance of misogyny and violence prevalent in video games. Also affects working practices. #girlgeekskw #
  • "facts" about gender in gaming were actually artifacts of novice play. Girls when expert play like boys do. #gaming #girlgeekskw #
  • If you missed @GirlGeeksKW tonight you missed out! Thanks awesome speaker Jen Jenson, host @kwartgallery, organizer extraordinaire @Pj_Lowe! #
  • This is cool – a blended and recursive mona lisa – #
  • Amazing amazing post on study hacks last week – if you're busy, you're doing it wrong – #
  • I really like this perspective on making research open – #
  • Looks like the amazing @serenangai rocked it at #GGDOttawa this evening! #
  • New intern: "I saw your blog, you seem really busy. I like that". Colleague (proudly): "she just won an award for being so busy!" me: "errr" #
  • Blocked off Oct 3-6 2012 on my calendar for @ghc! No way I'm missing it! #
  • Look what @Pj_Lowe bought me!!! She's the best! #
  • Trying out this relaxing malarky today. I have a spa appointment! #

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