Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

  • Joined new athletic club today. Went in determined to because of anti-gravity yoga and pool, sales girl so annoying nearly changed my mind. #
  • Hopefully I never have to speak to her again. But looking forward to working out somewhere nicer and swimming again! Anti-gravity yoga! #
  • Does it really make sense to view creative work as a battle? #
  • Know a high school girl who'd like to visit @google in #kwawesome to hear more about being an engineer? #
  • In which I rant about bad advice. Someone said "don't wear a skirt" – why I think they are wrong – #
  • Thanks to @lccarson for continuing my canadian education, this is hilarious and charming (canadians are that nice) #
  • How annoying, dragged myself to la fitness for spin class and instructor didn't show! 🙁 #
  • This is really cool! Power from spin bikes creates a cool light show. /via @ChristineHamon #
  • Getting ready for today's #askagoogler on the @googlejobs twitter account. I am the googler. Ask away! Just include the #askagoogler tag! #
  • Taking questions about life as a female engineer @google in #askagoogler and how excited I am for @ghc next month! #
  • Some good advice here: Nine Things Successful People Do Differently – /via @chrisjschmitt #
  • So fun to be today's #askagoogler on @googlejobs! Thanks for all the amazing questions! Now back to normal scheduling 🙂 #
  • Don't take assertive and confident people at their own evaluation unless you have independent evidence – @jliyi #
  • Very exciting that IBM is getting a female CEO! #
  • Not much time left to get your @kwawesomefound applications in. Would $1k help your project? Pitch night is Nov 9. Go for it! #
  • Awesome observations – hidden habits of ineffective people – #
  • Baby shower! Teammate as her hubby (former teammate) having a baby. Obv she's going to be a software engineer! #
  • Booked my flights for @ghc today! Will be hanging out in Seattle from Nov 5 and taking a roadtrip to Portland on the Tuesday. Can't wait! #
  • #fuckcancer #
  • Torontonians, heading your way Sunday. Let's hang out? @aranoff @fillenumerique @nataliecatania #
  • Made my team v happy yesterday w/1loc. Today teammate: "as far as I'm concerned you can do no wrong. Strangled kittens this am? OK with me!" #
  • (I did not strangle any kittens this morning, obviously.) #
  • Random, there's an #occupykw and they are going to be occupying a church? #
  • Write up of the Google.GetAJob() event that ran in Boulder, Cambridge, Pittsburgh, and here in KW! #
  • Ready for #ignitewaterloo (@ Tannery Event Center) #
  • Wow! I thought giving an #ignitewaterloo talk was hard, but imagine giving one whilst juggling! Way to go @conceptcrucible! #
  • I have an #ignitewaterloo tshirt! Yay!!!!! #
  • I can haz iPhone? (@ Apple Store w/ 2 others) #
  • Penguins wearing sweaters! #
  • Emotionally wrung out after the highs and lows this week… Hoping spinning is the answer but frankly feel like I could sleep until Monday! #
  • Shhh, not on the website yet – but registration for the next @GirlGeeksKW is up! Art/games/mo sista special event! #
  • Confessed to @douglasgresham that my kindle habit of $100/month has recently been $100/week. There was a pause, then a snort as mind blew. #

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