Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

  • Lego pirates 100% complete. Which is one of the things I wanted to do before I leave for Seattle on Friday, but not the most important. #
  • This is quite a techno-futuristic outfit! #
  • Anyone know anyone hiring QA folk in #kwawesome Manual and automated testing? #
  • "we want almost nothing in life, it seems, quite so acutely as just to feel better about ourselves" – #
  • Great post on study hacks – you're never too good to get better, value of investing in improving wherever you are – #
  • I always used to want to build the wardrobe from clueless, looks like @sachac has made a start! #
  • Ooh it's October now so it's time to start thinking about applying with your awesome idea to @kwawesomefound for our November pitch night! #
  • Glad they finally reopened after the fire! (@ Niko Niko) #
  • Happy and productive plotting with @Pj_Lowe about next @GirlGeeksKW! Two weeks today! Are you excited? I AM!!!!! #
  • Another helpful article from @PalantirTech on technical interviews, this time coding – #
  • The fabulous @theherolab and I are conspiring re @kwawesomefound ! Get your applications in! #
  • Event registration for the next @GirlGeeksKW is up! The fabulous @melle will be speaking at McCabes Oct 18th – #
  • Did you love @bourbonbaker's pitch @kwawesomefound? Support her latest #foodlove project here: #
  • I did not believe Steve Jobs would die. Humans have lost their hero, who defended them from engineers with a poor understanding of humans. #
  • Interesting post about mindfully allocating time to ensure productivity and happiness – /via @sachac #
  • Just a couple of hours left for you to help @kwawesomefound fellow @bourbonbaker to meet her fundraising goal! #
  • And… we're more than 50% sold out for the next @GirlGeeksKW with marvelous @melle! Get your ticket here: #
  • This is cool, @hmason on how to compute the recipe for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie! (if I cooked, I'd do it!) #
  • This is amazing – men photographed in stereotypical female pin-up poses! /via @dgou @ladyfox14 #
  • The queue for us customs is appalling. Again. (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) w/ 31 others) #
  • And… Despite booking on continental I'm flying united. Which given the whole #unitedbreaksguitars thing I would never have willingly done. #
  • I'm at the airport because I'm off to Seattle to see @serenangai at @geekgirlcon ! How better to celebrate Ada Lovelace day? #
  • Still queuing…. Apparently typical delay is 8 hours. I guess @jon_zulawski is right when he says he's never traveling with me! #
  • "Everybody has 5.5 litres of blood. I am just a human being. For me everybody the same." /via @jliyi @dasymetric #
  • Over 3 hours in queue for customs… Flight is gone without me. #
  • Plane still here actually! I am on it! If connection as delayed as every other flight I've taken out of o'hare I'm in with a chance! #
  • Haha genius – a boyfriend in a bottle – /via @serenangai #
  • If you have technical interviews coming up, this looks useful! /via @karolijn #
  • Finally! (@ Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) w/ 69 others) #
  • Great talk from @Emily_huh @geekgirlcon about lolcats and the cheezeburger network. "money is only useful if you follow your dreams". #
  • "low cut kimono… But huge boobs! And she's a ninja… But she wears heals" – great panel @geekgirlcon on feminism, race and geek culture. #
  • Seeing a preview of a film @geekgirlcon in the history of the universe as told by wonder woman. It looks awesome! Want to see it in full! #

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2 replies on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09”

Are you eligible for a nexus card? If so, that would greatly speed up the customs process for you and make traveling to Mountain View far less stressful.

Haha someone asks me this every time I have a travel nightmare… no, I’m not. You have to be permanent resident or a canadian citizen. If I could get it, I would!

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