Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

  • I have the best views in the city of lit up signs telling me to re-elect some politician. As a non-Canadian non-voter, this is wasted on me. #
  • As I dream of the day when politicians are disposed of in order of corruption until we have a cost-effective system… It makes me grumpy. #
  • Checking out the @kwawesomefound submissions. You know you have about 2 weeks to get yours in for our September round? Ready, set – GO! #
  • On phone to mom asking about riots in Leicester. Apparently they looted the pound store. Classy! #
  • Yay! Just registered for @fosslc #SC2011 thanks @AR_Eclipse 🙂 – Ottawa, here I come! #
  • Enjoying career craftsman manifesto on Study Hacks – you don't follow passion, you build it – and #
  • Where is a good place for us to go for lunch on Friday? #
  • Interesting article on our perception of effort, judging the effort at the time not the time spent learning – #
  • PM on my new team is awesome. He's promised koala cuddling when I go to Sydney. Yay! #
  • Another charming picture from Anton Tang – Watch Your Step – #
  • LOVE this – "Many of us have not been taught to go with the flow. We turn everyday inconveniences into catastrophes." #
  • This guy's ambition is inspiring, but we do ask that you keep your @kwawesomefound application legal! #
  • This is cool, watch it full screen – 12,000 screenshots of the front page of the, Sept 2010-July 2011 – #
  • Excellent, I have not mastered this skill – how to write a passive agressive note – /via @mandydennison #
  • Crikey! I'm on the ONWIC program website. #
  • I think this chart explains why academia is so screwed up – – how scientists see each other /via @Cass_Wilson #
  • Today: wearing same tshirt as male colleague. The downside of corp swag. But my cookie monster google t-shirt is awesome. #
  • I love every OK GO video, each one more crazy and creative than the previous – here is the latest – #
  • Male programmer privilege checklist – /via via @millicentsomer @lia @RobDrimmie #
  • Having a rough week but woke up to find the thing I was up early to sort out is done, and recognition from a colleague – things looking up! #
  • Running a workshop for high school teachers using app inventor. (@ Math and Computer Building (MC)) #
  • This is great, recap of Sam Palmisano on what it takes for a company to reach 100 /via @eric_andersen @utollwi @Enderle #
  • This is AWESOME, comp sci teachers need this! Computer science concepts told through fairy tales /via @CompSciFact @jliyi #
  • "the University is like a bad boyfriend. Sooner or later it is going to break your heart" – /via @escapeivrytower #
  • Learn to spot your "amygdala early warning system – 4 Words That Will Make You a Better Negotiator – /via @dominiquesr #
  • "Cate I feel like sitting next to you is going to make me crazier. Not because you make people crazy but I don't feel the need to be normal" #
  • Not sure whether to be flattered or scared? Nice that people feel they can be themselves around me. Unfortunate if that self is a werewolf. #
  • Teammate: "you've been watching too much family guy. That gave me an unreasonable fear of babies". #
  • Three stunning videos. Move (my fave), Eat, Learn – 3 guys/44 days/11 countries/18 flights/38k miles – /via @daejin_v2 #
  • This is insane, ridiculously, fabulously so – the chart, reimagined – /via @iamcreative @simonhodson99 @angharadbyrne #

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