Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14

  • Funny and horribly true – the public perception of science .. vs.. science – /via @_Dark_Archon_ #
  • OH: I have to use Facebook, it's how I hear about funerals. #
  • Funny 'cos it's true – the war between developers, designers and pm's – /via @TerreChartrand @dorothyblack #
  • Good point here on opportunities for women in tech – "I am a diversity candidate" /by @lisaphillips /via @ncwit #
  • This morning: "so who's giving the keynote, will it be you?" me: "um what? What keynote?" #
  • I love Anton Tang's little box men – #
  • Applications of augmented reality… shopping! Try on clothing via your webcam, kinda cool - #
  • Starting to think about @GirlGeeksKW at the end of the month, looking for speaker recommendations! /cc @Pj_Lowe @michellekostya @melle #
  • Still dealing with the rejection system, but now via email. It wants a title page and a cover letter. It's so freaking demanding. I hate it! #
  • At first I enjoyed "Literally Unbelievable" (people believing the Onion) but it makes me so depressed for humanity – #
  • Any other KW folk going to the power of women event in Toronto tomorrow? #
  • I *love* @27bslash6 – Blood is thicker than water, but so is butter and faeces: #
  • "they wrongly assume… that one hour's the same as any other. In reality, by contrast, energy levels fluctuate" – #
  • Second person asked me if @douglasgresham and I were keeping our relationship at work. My response? "No, we're just not that affectionate". #
  • Oops – Second person to ask if @douglasgresham and I keep our relationship SECRET at work. My response? "No, we're just not affectionate". #
  • Shame in academic writing – not just true in academia, writing is *hard* – #
  • Amazing to meet up with some @kwawesomefound folk, always leaves me inspired. Yay for plotting! Much excitement and awesome to come! #
  • Woah one of my slide decks is on the home page of slideshare because it's hot on Facebook! #
  • I wasn't too excited when Celine dion started to singing, but she's freakin' hilarious! #
  • That was a fake Celine, which explains why it was awesome. My world view was shaken temporarily! #
  • Oh wow, Jill Taylor is up next! This is the female neuroscientist who did the amazing TED talk about her stroke. #
  • Ellen is on! And she's awesome. Talking about authenticity. #
  • Trying to set up friend. She says "small and alien aren't appealing" I say, "well he's not a hobo/religious/your friend's married father." #
  • Friends fiancée is looking for a job in #kwawesome she's an tester, currently doing ruby testing. Anyone know anything going? I have resume. #

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