Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

  • I bought actual food today, and now I am going to cook. Yes, really. #
  • Appreciate cooking encouragement from @gordtanner and skepticism from @rlm_ottawa @zmagg @caitlinkealey everyone is fine, but kitchen dirty. #
  • And cleaner comes Wednesday. Maybe I need to take up cleaning too? I AM a completely different person today. It's this relaxing malarky. #
  • yay! I worked on this 🙂 “@rjfioravanti: Mobile Gmail in iOS Safari – now fully equipped with "pull down to refresh"! @bl @wseblen” #
  • So it turns out that I can't fix bugs at 11pm. Who knew?
    (in other news, my work-life balance is shot) #
  • Interesting from HBR – how to become a great finisher, focus on what's left rather than what's done – /ht @dgou #
  • This is heartbreaking, I cried – "My Life as an Undocumented Worker" – /via @zephoria #
  • The procrastination loop – /via @meffer #
  • Freaking terrible time to be sick. But the painkillers the doctor gave me have left me feeling quite mellow about that. And everything else. #
  • Haha – If programming languages were hats – /via @liyi #
  • These are cool! Bar code art – /via @kymchiho @lmpellow @mduench #
  • Charmed by the story of spending a week blindfolded – Zoned Out: Boredom In A Digital Age: /via @meffer #
  • I have an expected extra ticket for steel rails tonight! @ or dm me if you want it! #
  • At work. It's creepy here all by myself. #
  • I should totally be packing for California right now… But still not allowed to leave the country. Will be missing my teammates this week! #

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