Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-15

  • Really like @jyhsu's post on gender in computing (and programming as a superpower!) #
  • Hanging out with high school girls telling them how awesome it is to be an engineer @google! (@ Conrad Grebel College) #
  • This is pretty cool – The first Zombie-Proof House: /via @rands #
  • Hiding from inbox, thinking to write notes on paper to send later. Colleague points out I can scan notes to other people's email – GENIUS! #
  • If you're loving today's @google doodles, you can see all 16 at /via @marissamayer #
  • Some great tips on creating awesome slides for a great presentation – /via @sidneyeve #
  • Puzzle event! (@ University of Waterloo) #
  • Interesting article on creatives and eccentricity – /via @the99percent @jeffreyftang @DyanaValentine #
  • HBR on peace time vs war time CEOs, which are you? #
  • This is fascinating – visualizing the power of a single tweet – how the news of OBL spread on twitter – #
  • This is pretty awesome – book xylophone – /via @MaryamAshoori #
  • First @kwawesomefound event is TONIGHT! I AM SO EXCITED! Who will leave with $1000? Come to the Little Bean at 7 and find out! #
  • Also, today's @google doodle is extremely awesome (and animated!). SWE on doodles might be the BEST job possible – #
  • LOVE this on "learning" goals rather than "achieving" them, problem is not lack of willpower but lack of knowledge – #
  • Progress on patent!! Maybe in 18 months to 2 years I'll be able to tell y'all what it's for 😀 #
  • This is hilarious – "I refuse to argue with my unborn child via Facebook" /via @bl #
  • A google engineer on interviewing – some useful advice here I think – #
  • Chasing out of memory errors is like whackamole. Not fun, frustrating, and no sense of achievement when you "win". Just curse own stupidity. #
  • Well that was officially AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who came out for @kwawesomefound !!!!!!!!!! Congrats to the secret gardener!!!! #
  • Struggling with procrastination? Great article about why we procrastinate, it's not 'cos we're lazy – /via @jeffclark #
  • First GGD KW May 24th, @ruthm will be speaking @google are hosting! More info: #
  • Could we redesign email to set better social norms? Interesting idea to reduce out-of-hours email – #
  • Sheryl Sandberg is so awesome – #
  • This is seriously cool – marble run around the room – /via @cuwise #
  • .@michael_nielsen came to @google today to talk about open science – was awesome, thanks! 🙂 #
  • Excited to be here for the launch of canwit. Lots of great tech women in #kwawesome !! #
  • Charming – "The insides of things are beautiful. Let's see what they look like." /via @lccarson #
  • Love the 5% creativity challenge – can you build 2 hours a week of thinking in to the next 30 days? /via @anuraagc #
  • Long week? Hopefully this will pick you up – Life is a Marathon on Mission Amy KR (missamykr) – #
  • Non-eng colleague and I discuss someone's weird behavior. "oh, they're an engineer". Me: "I'm an engineer". "yes but you shouldn't be!" #
  • Myself and @rjfioravanti are quoted in this post on @google waterloo – #

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