Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

  • Plans scuppered by weather, having a personal snow day featuring lots of books and lots of tea <3 #
  • Using the @kiva gift cert from @uOttawaWISE (thanks!), repaid credit of $200 and 4 new loans this month – I'm up to 78 loans on @kiva! πŸ™‚ #
  • Awesome a capella Super Mario Bros Theme Song – /via @cuwise #
  • Ruthless Rose – good message here, don't be afraid to kill things that are failing – #
  • Sebastian Thrun on @google's driverless cars at TED – #
  • Raccoon!!!!!!!!! #
  • This is cool – the creative badass manifesto (a work in progress) /via @jenny_blake @JustineMusk #
  • Our receptionist is so perceptive, she notices that I'm not feeling well and medicates me immediately πŸ™‚ feeling better now! #
  • Terrifying but fascinating – a cyber weapon of mass destruction on TED – / via @dgou #
  • We might think we can perform on less sleep, but actually we don't – interesting study in the NYT (last week) – #
  • LinkedIn message: would I like to earn less doing something dull-sounding for a company I've never heard of? Shockingly, no. #
  • My faux fiancee marvelous @melle makes me feel less stabby. Unfortunately one of the many things we agree on is dating women too much work. #
  • Design is a set of decisions about a product – interesting slide deck and commentary about design at Quora – #
  • IBM is rethinking email: "Email is considered a productivity tool, but it's not exactly productive" – /via @eric_andersen #
  • May have shared before, but still astounding video – math in nature, and it's BEAUTIFUL – /via @tgrevatt @spydergrrl #
  • Love this TED talk – Every Day Compassion at Google – create a culture of idealism and let people run free – #
  • Hanging out in tree trunk thing coding. Aside from headache, this is the happiest I've been all week. Who's ready for a long weekend?! #
  • This is awesome, absolutely ADORE the posters – "The Cult of Done Manifesto" by @bre /via @brainpicker @missamykr #
  • This is cute – my robot friend – /via @pixie658 #
  • Great article and reminder to ask yourself, "am I doing the really important thing?" – /via @mndoci @hmason #
  • Waking up full of what to code today, remembering it's a holiday. Will have to think of other things instead πŸ™‚ #
  • I did not know there was one of these in TO! (@ Anthropologie) #
  • Wonderful time hanging out with @aranoff and @windybinks and wondering around Toronto. This city girl has missed city living! #
  • I think I'm trapped! Will it be like in the movies? (@ Conestoga Mall) #
  • Escaped! Being stuck in the mall would have freaked me out a lot more if I wasn't drunk. Yay for lychee sake! #

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