Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-27

  • Ghoulishly excited by upcoming anonymous / westboro baptist war. Hoping anonymous will win where logic and respect for fellow humans lost. #
  • Beautiful picture from Anton Tang – friendless – #
  • Inspired by Beautiful Visualization to code for fun. Nice change to make something pretty 🙂 (also makes me think nervous breakdown over) #
  • I will need these @google sneakers to complete my google wardrobe! /via @greatdismal @thewavingcat #
  • Played my first ever roll up the rim and won a donut! I feel so Canadian! #
  • "Love" this – visualizing love and hate on Twitter – #
  • Good time plotting with @michellekostya this arvo. Girl geeks dinners are coming to #kwawesome very soon! Thanks to @krusk for intro. in reply to michellekostya #
  • My crazy friend @aydaring: "I've already planned my wedding, I just need someone to stand up there at the front with me." #
  • It's better to be smart and wrong than just silent – good advice from the Harvard Business Review – #
  • Love this – "If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no use being a damn fool about it." – #
  • This is cool – visualizing large Facebook datasets – /via @petewarden #
  • Great advice on learning to trust yourself – "take the time, and the quiet, to decide what you think" – /via @sachac #
  • OK I'm prepared to entertain the thought that I've taken too much on.

    Now to prove myself wrong. #

  • Star Wars retold by someone who hasn't seen it – – thanks @melle, I totally don't need to watch it now. #
  • Now imagining bugs in my code. Because it's not like there aren't enough already! :'( day 5 of button warfare. Shoot me! #
  • Slides and commentary for talk I gave to @thecodefactory's students last week – Being Yourself on the Internet – #
  • Post on Seth's blog about asymmetrical favours is interesting – what's part of the social contract, and what's taking? #
  • In a fit of genius, I have replaced the mail app on my iphone dock with twitter. I can't stop email from arriving, but I can hide it better. #
  • This is awesome! Android smart phone helps a guy get out of a speeding ticket – #
  • Haha this is the awesomest twitter wall I've seen! We should have one at the next #ignitewaterloo /via @CuteGecko #
  • Goodbye academia, I get a life – – another story of the ivory tower not being such a wonderful place. /via @tjowens #
  • Love @projectsugru's post about @awesomefound #
  • Error in judgement with oversized chili scoop results in fiery pasta. B: "you better eat that, there are starving SWEs at other companies". #
  • Love @sachac's post on the value of blogging – emphasizes getting enough out of it writing just for yourself – #

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