Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • This is bonkers – Phantom of the Floppera – #
  • Interesting article about managing geeks (in context of non-eng focused org) – /via @SaraJChipps #
  • I need to stop describing the moment when my code works as a "miracle". It devalues the effort of my colleagues who help me fix it. #
  • Why we have no cellphone competition – Your cellphone plan is killing Canadian culture! /via @JesseBrown #
  • Finishing up my "personal branding"/"being yourself on the internet" talk for @TheCodeFactory – any advice for Ian's students? #
  • Great post on study hacks – working right is more important than finding the right work – #
  • Office is full of fireman. And I didn't think my workplace could get any better… [no, it's not because I set anything on fire] #
  • "You should play the game for the thrill of playing it" – – /by @thisissethsblog /cc @aydaring #
  • Watching someone who didn't get what they wanted by being obnoxious, get it by being nice. Behaving well from start=more efficient strategy! #
  • Liking this – the UX of technical debt – #
  • Happy that #ibmwatson won! So many great people at IBM tackling big problems. Loved my extreme blue summer and miss everyone I worked with. #
  • Cdn gvt workers sent passwords by email? And these are the people trusted to make decisions on technology and net neutrality? We're screwed! #
  • Great to have @lccarson for lunch today, she's just as interesting in person as she is on-stage at #ignitewaterloo #
  • Amazing dinner at verses. Love the food, and that it's a church turned into something useful. #
  • Today cate scored small and sneaky victory in the battle with JavaScript and the button. Y'all better love mobile gmail more once it's out! #
  • I have a new appreciation for every website, particularly mobile ones! And good design. And static typing… And sleep. Long weekend ftw! #
  • Ken Jennings article in slate about playing #IBMWatson is interesting – and at times hilarious – #

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