Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06

  • Can't wait to go live in the apt I've been periodically visiting for the last 3 months! #
  • I have business cards! With QR codes! #
  • Slides and commentary – Following the Conversation: A More Meaningful Measure of Engagement – /cc @michaelweissca #
  • Women of KW, I have huge pool of single and men with great jobs who will willingly take you out for dinner. Anyone want a date? #
  • Fido, it would greatly help me to pay your extortionate bill if your website worked. #canadawhyistherenocellularcompetitionhereihateit #
  • Is there a word for the phenomenon of how one wishes for more blog comments, until one gets obnoxious trolls – and then one wishes for less? #
  • Been accused of alienating my audience, but I wasn't aware audience stupid enough to believe creationism. I'm disappointed in you, audience. #
  • Bing uses @google to improve search results – Search Engine Land – #
  • Checkins in Latitude for Google Maps For Mobile have launched! /via @douglasgresham #
  • Official @Google blogpost on Bing's "innovative" search algorithm – #
  • Last night at dinner a colleague said, "you don't have a bone of romance in your body". This is despite my recent twitter-matchmeddling. Hmm #
  • Yesterday by this time I'd caused two small toaster fires. Today I only froze my computer. That's progress! #
  • Finally made my first commit. So far today, haven't set anything on fire. HUGE improvement on yesterday! #
  • 3ft of snow here and @douglasgresham is in Hawaii. Huh. I'm not jealous at all! #
  • Trying to focus not on the tearing apart of yesterday's code submission, but instead on the complements on yesterday's hat. #
  • Yay my change was approved! I officially achieved something this week. So happy! #
  • Advice from friend: "Cate, do be kind to yourself. it will be the most productive thing you could do, in the end!" #
  • Switched to the Canadian store for my kindle, frustrated to discover it's the US store but all the books recommended are not for Canada 🙁 #

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