Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30

  • There's a rubber duck in the shower, it made me think of @melle! (@ Mövenpick Hotel) #
  • Carrying 4 different currencies, no clue where I'm going and my suitcase has a broken wheel: snafu! #
  • Speaking French means that I can travel in this chaotic way, but it occurs to me that doesn't mean I *should*. Rescued hapless American. #
  • Do Americans not realize that when traveling not everyone will speak English? Especially not service staff! #
  • Switzerland is beautiful! I miss Europe! (@ Gare d'Aigle) #
  • One talk in and I'm giving thanks to the flying spaghetti monster for my escape from academia. #
  • Worst conference wifi ever. Waiting for it to download the thing I passed out. Post-nap, still not working :,( #toomanytimezonechanges4cate #
  • Yes! I finally have internet! Now must write my presentation. Any tips for giving an academic talk that doesn't suck are welcome 🙂 #
  • What is Work-Life Balance, Anyway? Thinking about sustainability – #
  • Oh this is so funny as usual I laughed until I cried! A compelling argument for good customer service from @27bslash6 #
  • Massage in Europe after too long in prudish north america a bit of a shock… also first ever lymphatic has completely knocked me out #relax #
  • I love this stuff on horoscopes from Information is Beautiful – #
  • I'm early! Still don't know what's going on, now my talk is 30 mins earlier than the original time, which I don't know. Wish me luck! #
  • Yay talk went well I think. At least it's over. Slides and commentary up later. Now en-route to London! #
  • Ooh electronic passport machine! (@ London Heathrow International Airport (LHR) ✈ w/ 8 others) #
  • Sometimes I wonder why they just let me wonder about freely and then I remember, "oh, I work here!" (@ Google UK HQ) #
  • I can't believe how much email I have after 3 days away. And I'm not even of any importance :,( #
  • Help Wanted! #
  • I have a new bff in tech support. My ratio of breaking things and fighting with them until they work to actual useful coding is too low :'( #
  • This is hilarious, I would totally try this crazy workout – /via @laserdeathstehr #
  • Yay my fave london resto with 4 of my fave people 🙂 (@ Wahaca) #
  • Mmmm much better selection of black tea here! (@ Google UK HQ w/ 3 others) #
  • I was lost and I came across the infamous @jonskeet! What did I say? "I'm @douglasgresham's girlfriend and I follow you on twitter" – #fail #

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