Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09

  • 98.8% completed Lego Harry potter. One student in peril is hiding and it's extremely frustrating! Gah! #
  • Really like this – Leave a trail of breadcrumbs – or why you should blog/twitter in 2011 – /by @petewarden #
  • This time next week I'll be in Mountain view, california! What should I wear? And does anyone want to grab coffee? #
  • IBM slide deck from 1975 shows pre-powerpoint presentations were aesthetically interesting and cool /via @zamiang @emax #
  • Too late for NYE, but completely hilarious – clarkson solves drunk driving: /via @bengl #
  • Arggh downside of impulse shopping for kindle, bought some weird Christian book. How did that happen?!? #
  • Interesting stuff on PhDs from The Economist – The Disposable Academic - PhD /mt @tgrevatt #
  • Haha this is cute – The most useless machine. /via @snookca #
  • Back in Canada! Watched "hockey: the musical" on the plane. Very odd movie, that. #
  • Back in my apartment, finally. 4 and a half days until I leave again. #
  • Breaking privacy expectations, or weirdos offline are even weirder online – #
  • Something to start in the first week back at work? The Best Way to Use the Last 5 Minutes of Your Day /via @jenny_blake #
  • Yes! I have a manager!!!!! Finally!!!!! #
  • Booked flight for Switzerland trip. Bring on 6 timezone changes in Jan. I'm sooo not going anywhere in Feb! Must learn new passport no. Gah! #
  • Last passport was close to full so new one has extra pages for greater challenge. Hope lack of US+Chinese visas will make US transit easier! #
  • I love this – Rainy Days by Anton Tang – #
  • Filling in my NDA list. Makes me think, "Is this it? I should have made more stuff when I had complete freedom?" #
  • We'll see what I can think up between now and when I archive my blog. Unfortunately I dreamed up new extreme sport roller tennis at IBM. #
  • Encouraging phone call with UW. Meet the requirements and part time ok, but can only transfer two courses… luckily I like taking courses? #
  • Participating in bimonthly ritual where I try to regain access to my online banking. I hate my UK bank. #expatwoes #
  • I really love this on 43folders about the futility of resolutions and their relationship to their first pancake effect – #
  • If you're interested in being a founding member of @awesomefound Toronto, ping me and I'll put you in touch – meeting Jan 13th /cc @sachac #

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