Most Popular Posts from 2010

Traffic Stats
Traffic Stats for 2010

It’s been quite a year for my blog – the connections I’ve made, the comments you’ve left. I’m blown away by the stats. Thank you for stopping by!

Round up of my most popular posts:

  1. Interviewing @ Google – comprehensive list of what I did to prepare for my interviews.
  2. Presentation Slides for “Conversation 2.0: Twitter” – slides and commentary for a talk I gave about my research.
  3. Awesome Foundation Ottawa – blog post I wrote announcing the plan for Awesome Ottawa.
  4. Part 3: Who’s Talking About The Future Of Newspapers? – some of the visualization work I did for Caitlin.
  5. Unfriending on Facebook – in which I answer some of the questions that send me significant amounts of traffic. “Unfriending on Facebook” is a popular search term for finding my blog.
  6. In Pursuit of Awesome – slides and commentary for a talk I gave, cross posted on Geek Feminism which was pretty awesome!
  7. Creating a Blog by and for Women in Computer Science – Maggie and I outlined our vision – that is now reality at CompSci Woman.
  8. Art, Life and Programming: Programming – slides and commentary for the “Programming” section of my “Art, Life and Programming” talk.
  9. Extreme Blue – “it’s all about the pitch” and other things I learned during my summer at IBM.
  10. Visualizing your Twitter Conversations: Rationale – post I wrote explaining my reasoning for creating “conversation networks” on Twitter.
  11. Being Dispensable – thinking about letting go in order to move on to new projects, and accepting that whoever takes over may have a different vision.
  12. Part 2: Who’s Talking About the Future of Newspapers? – my favourite visualization I created in 2010.
  13. Exploring a Conference Hashtag – start of the next phase of my research – visualizing the #ese conference hashtag.
  14. I am an IBMer – after an amazing experience at Armonk, I get it. I’m taking these values with me.
  15. Becoming Less Awesome – reflecting post-breakup on the annihilation of my self-esteem and on putting myself back together.
  16. Twitter: Influence and Engagement – slides and commentary for a talk I gave for the grad students in the communications department.
  17. 10 Things I Learned About Presenting in Extreme Blue – we spent a lot of time presenting this summer, and I learned a lot about becoming a better public speaker. Trying to share some of that here!
  18. Life Without Facebook: Week 1 – why I quit Facebook.
  19. What Makes a Programmer Great? – my friend Dig and I writing about what we’ve learned about being better programmers (or software engineers). Summary – be confident in school (especially if you’re a girl), then be humble and go learn as much as you can from people who are further along the path to greatness.
  20. Round 2 @ Google – writing up my experience from my second round of interviews, and the process in general.

I think search traffic is really skewing these. Hilariously – 2,526 vistors found me via Google. 25 via Yahoo, and 21 via Bing.