Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-19

  • Page 37, 163 refs… time to pack, I think. Productive procrastination ftw! Maybe I can annihilate "the pile" before 430 pickup for flight. #
  • You know, I think when I took this same flight in August I left my apt in Ottawa at the same time as I have to leave KW tomorrow. Le sigh. #
  • 39 pages, 171 citations… yeah that was a productive day. But I think I'm done! Gotta go catch a plane! Can't wait to see @douglasgresham! #
  • Boyf made me sweet potato pancakes! I totally did not know he was capable in a kitchen. #
  • Love and am inspired by this – TED Women in tweet-sized snippets – #
  • So dehydrated from flight am drinking 3 cups of tea a go. @Douglasgresham is horrified "how much is dehydration and how much is addiction?" #
  • More from TED Women – Liza Donnelly on the power of cartoons – #
  • If you didn't see it yet, @google's how the world searched is really cool – – what are your defining moments of 2010? #
  • Had an awesome time at @google london's holiday party with @Douglasgresham – Circus performers and engineers = awesome. #
  • Are you living your life like a cow or a rhino? 3 Ways Influential Women On the Big Screen Overcome Barriers – #
  • Haha this is so awesome! And colourful! Sticky note pads as slinkies! /via @NancyRichmond @eric_andersen #
  • These pics are AMAZING! Photos of water balloons, the moment they're popped – /via @aydaring #
  • Disagreement with boyf over whether reasonable to feed your girlfriend to a pack of vicious beasts. Don't intend on dying so prosaically. #
  • 10 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year – 2010 – /via @flowingdata @tjowens #
  • Thinking about the meaninglessness of letter grades and the difference between the UK and Canada – School is Not Life – #
  • Haha – If people tried to pay for other services like they try to pay for programming /via @newsycombinator @igorsales #
  • Can't think of any changes to make next year? Here are 60 from @_robin_sharma /via @JackiYo @unmarketing #
  • Apparently one way to show love of god is to pay for a van to pointlessly follow a bus – /via @simidchieva #atheism #
  • Super happy that paper I wrote for class (didn't publish) is being cited in SIGCHI! Perhaps my academic work will eventually be appreciated. #
  • This is charming – Today you, tomorrow me. /via @kitt @snookca #
  • Oh cool video! 13-day Boeing 747 repaint in under 4 minutes: /via @wordymusic #
  • IBM produced something incredibly cool and world-changing with Watson – Jeopardy playing computer – /via @eric_andersen #
  • Just finished reading the happiness project. Inspired me to create a concrete project for reclaiming life from grad school "post grad rehab" #
  • Given how frequently I do it, you'd think I'd be better at changing timezones. So far, bed on British time, wake up on Canadian time. #fail #
  • Noticing that the new cost of UK tuition is about comparable to international tuition fees in Canada. Vote with your feet, y'all. #
  • What's your excuse today? 99 Excuses For NOT Making Ideas Happen /via @the99percent @jeffparks #
  • So adorable! Hedgehog baths! /via @melle #
  • Mechanical Turk has a huge spam problem – 40.92% – /by @ipeirotis /via @dtunkelang #
  • I have a chocolate chrome!!!!! #
  • Very disappointed by my chocolate web browser, I always thought chrome would taste delicious. #

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