Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14

  • In another example of how I am not destined for greatness in the kitchen… Gym guy told me to buy sunflower seeds. I came home with sesame. #
  • Yay! Just made my 48th loan on @kiva 😀 #
  • I'm attending User Experience Designers P2P Nov 16th – Designing for everyone, Adam Baker, Google – @constantcontact #
  • Minimalist self-loathing in three easy steps – Minimalist self-loathing in three easy steps /via @aydaring #
  • Oops – sorry about earlier! Minimalist self-loathing in three easy steps – – /via @aydaring #
  • How speech writing is like design – interesting and well-written article (from 2007) – /via @rands #
  • Email from manager of ski instructors at the hill I taught at last year. They are moving to Facebook to disperse info. Hmm. #
  • My new home in #kwawesome is actually this cafe – #
  • Wooaahh – going back in time with laminar flow – /via @andrew_low #
  • Someone save me from grad school… #
  • Facebook being jerks w.r.t. data and privacy, SHOCKER – – the pervasiveness of FB worries me given lack of ethics. #
  • Hate verified by visa. Every time I use it, I have to pick a new password. Not convinced it makes my card more secure! #
  • This is so cool! Lipstick, electronics, and engineering in an art display! /via @anitaborg_org @lexyholloway #
  • In Pursuit of Awesome: The Myth of the “Right” Time – – continuing on the themes explored in #
  • The fear of doing – good stuff here – /via @jscottmoore @TheBloggess #
  • Wow this is so cool! Invisible musical instruments, latest award from @awesomebos #
  • Guess what Twitterverse! I'm going to be in New York Nov 27th-Dec 4th. Anyone want to have coffee with me? #
  • Is this guy from Facebook suggesting that Facebook platform makes Facebook open? #wtf #
  • Reflecting on my workshop for high school students – Experimenting with a Visual, Activity-Based Curriculum – #
  • "The welter of emails arriving at work stations are a key contributor to workplace stress" – /via @javanng @eric_andersen #
  • Current working title for paper: "Trying To Make CompSci Education Suck Less and Not Alienate Potential Programmers". Prob needs to change. #
  • Beautiful article about the value of learning to program, even if you don't continue it as a career – #
  • OH: "You don't want to be alone forever. Why would you want that? I mean, you work in tech. You're alone at your job" #
  • OH: "he's really smart. Is that what you have to be to get a job at google? I'm LOTS of clever". #
  • Failure is an inevitable consequence of the human condition. It's how we deal with it that's more important – #
  • Yeah my awesome co-author and I totally rocked that proposal… in less than 36 hours! Bring it, conference people! #
  • "what kind of school doesn't want a kid to stand up to a bully, especially… to help someone else?" /via @almostandy #
  • Write less! Evolving email: the war on email obesity – /via @eric_andersen @steverubel #
  • Love this – how to determine if you're a good leader (hint: DO IT!) – /by @jo_miller /via @anitaborg_org #
  • Ooh – Google's sizzling defence to Snoracle over the Java/Android patent litigation – #
  • My latest post on @compsciwoman, an ode to how much I love to create useful/beautiful things: Building, not Destroying – #
  • OH: "I'm not on facebook. I think the CEO is a horrible human being who should not be encouraged in any way" #
  • This week, I'm trying to focus more and multitask less – The Numbing Effects of Multitasking – /via @shaunmemerson #
  • Very excited about @awesomeottawa's latest award – the vuvuzela virtuosos! #
  • I hugged the mayor of Waterloo today! She is lovely! Thanks to @josephfung for all the great new people I'm encountering!!!!! #
  • Sexism in OSS – /via @SaraJChipps #
  • Loving the vibe in #kwawesome today, attributing it to #trackkw I wish every day was act of random kindness day! #
  • Hehe the two women don't know it was me the committed the random act of kindness, but @aydaring and I very much enjoyed the reveal! #trackkw #
  • Love this – 10 Insights From 11 Months Of Working At Google – /via @dominiquesr #
  • Spam Comment? "IF they like what you have written they may spare your life
    but if they dont, well you should prepare your will. Earthling." #
  • Someone had a go for not wanting to live in the US, to which I respond: the crazies are running asylum – /via @sgwoods #

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