Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • I just became the mayor of City Hall Williams Coffee Pub on @foursquare! #
  • Watching my dad reverse park a truck. I can't reverse park a smart car!!!!! #
  • Ooh becoming more healthy is a game! I'm playing at medium! #
  • I just became the mayor of Little Bean on @foursquare! #
  • Flowers!!!!! #
  • Can't find a vase so I'm improvising! Still look v pretty 🙂 #
  • Number of twitter follows and it's relationship to winning in elections – interesting! #
  • Time Raiser event Nov 13th in Ottawa – #
  • Interesting piece from Search Engine Land on departures from @google – growing up, not the end of the world – #
  • Moving is super stressful but thanks to Christine @OttawaInsurance updating my house/car insurance took <10 mins. Yay! #
  • Slides/commentary from my talk last week: In Pursuit of Awesome: 10 Things to Remember – – let me know what you think! #
  • So excited! My "In Pursuit of Awesome" post is on Geek Feminist! Woahhh!!! #
  • Future work place! So exciting! #
  • How does Kim Jong Il feel about Justin Bieber? lol! #
  • Am totally overwhelmed by response to my "In Pursuit of Awesome" post on @geekfeminism. It's… awesome? Thanks to everyone who tweeted it!! #
  • Oh hell. by not renewing my mobile me subscription it looks like the file ON MY COMPUTER of sync'd stuff is gone :-s gah! #
  • On pets – "people are really weird about animals." – #
  • I love this – from a while ago, but still great – Carol Bartz, unedited – #
  • I don't know how but I spent 3 hours in the gym. Loving la fitness! Esp after Goodlife where incompetence is a key part of business model. #
  • I just ousted Nelson Z. as the mayor of Niko Niko on @foursquare! #
  • About to just delete all email on univ a/c, but had an email from @twitter about their new grad prog. This is why people read email. I see! #
  • Beautiful post – my son is gay – /via @dgou @djehuti @AllisonB #
  • Is this fluffy or evil disguised as a brown sheep? #
  • Love this – red winkle picker regret and the dark side of decluttering – #
  • This is neat! App turns a table into a massive #iPhone /via @EricLeist @eric_andersen #
  • interesting lunch with future coworkers! One of them seems to think he's little rabbit foo foo! #
  • Liking this on @mwbuckingham – are you a manager or a leader? 4 key points for effective leaders – #
  • My awesome new tshirt! I totally code like a girl!!!!! Thanks so much to the fabulous @snookca!!!!! #
  • Yesterday a canadian convinced me that taco bell is haut cuisine here. He even called to make a reservation. #mindblown #
  • Small victory in Cate vs. email. The bonus of winning on a Saturday is maybe people won't respond until Monday and I get a day of respite! #

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