Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

  • Yesterday morning I said to @douglasgresham "let's go to Amsterdam tomorrow". He said "why not?" Flight at 4. I love Europe! #
  • Woah most bonkers taxi driver ever! Hitting on girls in minis, teaching me dirty words in dutch. Hai Amsterdam! #
  • Grrr don't want to take IQ test. Much better things to do in Amsterdam. But have a deadline and fed up of it looming over me πŸ™ #
  • I am completely delusional when it comes to jetlag. Each time I feel like I'm dying. Then I forget, do it again, expect to be productive. #
  • Classic day in Amsterdam. Canal boat, local delicacies and checking out the merch in the red light district! #
  • So the email I'm waiting for still didn't show up yet… But I will be attending the connecting the dots symposium in boston on October!!!!! #
  • OH: "I keep in touch with him just in case he does something interesting like set himself on fire again" #
  • Yay I have been offered an AMAZING job. Unfortunately It means abandoning plan to become an evil genius in order to live by company motto!!! #
  • Yay got offer letter in email! And – even better – email saying "Sorry if we foiled your aspirations of becoming an evil genius… :)" πŸ˜€ #
  • Must stop leaving belongings in hotels. And to think, I used to be a hotel dwelling hobo. Must be out of practice πŸ™ #
  • Set off with car on the wrong side of the road. I do that regularly, but in the uk it's a problem! Realized before made it to real road! #
  • Urgh frustrating time on phone to air canada. Asked repeatedly to be transferred to supervisor, and eventually supervisor "went home". Grrr! #
  • Yay I've registered and booked flights and hotel for #ghc10 So excited! #
  • Buying my mom an ipad. Now I want one too! #
  • Awesome! Sculpture perpetually sells itself on eBay /via @loudandskittish #

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