Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • Arrived at IBM headquarters armonk. Suit is still in Manhattan. Oops… #
  • North American expo today and dinner with extremely senior exec tonight! Eep! Oh and I have appropriate clothing, thankfully! #extremeblue #
  • Would you use this? Little creepy IMO! ToneCheck your emails – /via @karabee @Lifehacker #
  • Pitch over!!!!! #
  • Mesmerizing talk by Nick Donofrio this morning: on innovation, this history of IBM. Message: never lose sight of the problem. #extremeblue #
  • How will you measure your life? Don't say "just this once", stay out of jail – /via @tseelig @SteveCase @DanielPink #
  • Oh, this is charming – RememberMe – stories attached to donated objects via RFID tags – /via @brainpicker #
  • Within 10ft of Sam palmissano!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • Leaving the IBM learning centre for the long, long trip to Toronto. It's been awesome! #
  • Oh dear there is smoke coming out the bus and a terrible smell. Still no wifi, either. Yet another good reason not to drive these distances. #
  • We'll be on our way in about 90 minutes apparently. Bus driver asks me if that will be a problem. I wonder how it could not be a problem? #
  • Ooh, a state trooper. #
  • Hmm and now the bus driver is gone. Seems like this situation is only getting worse. #
  • Bus driver has returned, but we're still missing about 25 canadians. Oh dear. #
  • Now I'm sat by the side of the road in tears wondering how the f*** I'm going to check into hotel at 3am and is there any way to cancel? Gah #
  • After 4+ hours of heat and dehydration I'm going a little loopy… Luckily my dad and my boyfriend are amazing. I'm not going to Toronto. #
  • The engine and air con are working! It's a miracle! #
  • Oh not the smoke and the burning smell again… #
  • Fortunately i picked a seat next to the emergency exit. We're still moving but the unhappy noises and billowing smoke are making me nervous. #
  • Cherry coke! Makes this ordeal almost worthwhile! #
  • Back in Canada! Yay! Internet, how I have missed you! #
  • Watched office space on the bus. A compelling story the moral of which is that programmers should test their code. Am I right? #
  • Thanks for the tweets during my misadventure. Realized hysteria proportional to heat and dehydration and got water after 5 hours. Am
    OK now! #
  • I loathe receiving emails, but passive aggressive emails are the *worst* kind of emails. #
  • Cancelled my home phone with rogers today. When they asked me why, I told them it was 'cos they called too often trying to sell me cable! #
  • Is this #philbitescomp meme a joke @almostandy? Philosophy = thinking but drawing no conclusions. Comp = solving problems+building stuff! #
  • Not a valedictorian speech, rather a call to arms for education reform – /via @cherubrocker22 @zephoria #
  • Interesting – Plexus, carry your social graph with you, genuinely distributed solution – /via @mbauwens @plevy #
  • It's exciting to be on the front page of the ottawa business journal, but I look dreadful in pic! Still, great to talk about @awesomeottawa #
  • More women-led tech startups: "I think having role models is the most central explanation" /via @eric_andersen @Pistachio #
  • The realities of 21st century dating – you don't meet the parents, they stalk and vet you online. #
  • Working on mine and @zmagg's new exciting awesome project. Trying to announce tomorrow, otherwise next week! Yay! #
  • Is crashing the product I'm interviewing to work on next week a good thing or a bad thing? Oopsie. #
  • Reviving my role as "DangerCat", camp counsellor today. I hope I don't get slime poured on me. Or water. Children are mean! #
  • Creating a blog by and for women in computer science – #
  • Great story from kid at camp – she wanted a dog but her dad bought her a robot dog instead. #
  • Newspaper wins in e-reader usability testing – #
  • Heard this Justin beiber thing for the first time. I think it's safe to say that I don't get the appeal. #
  • Meeting people who enjoyed my bus trip adventures. I'm glad I entertained! Ending was not twitter-appropriate so have to find out in person! #
  • Prezi is awesome but people should not use it as a hammer and see everything as a nail. #
  • Ooh KDE 4 is shiny!! #sc2010 #
  • Yay I won a book! Making it big in software, written by another IBMer! Sam Lightstone #sc2010 #
  • Being thoroughly mocked for not knowing what pr0n is. Hanging out with @dlitz is always a pleasure. #

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