Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-14

  • On phone to bank. Woman complained about my language. I complained about thei complete disrespect of my time and general incompetance. #
  • CS rep: we can send it in the mail.
    Me: is that your fantasy mail service or the real one? Because apparently you've done that twice now. #
  • Living for Someday is No Way to Live | /via ElleLaMode #
  • What kind of girl are you? On Cost vs. Benefit: consequentialist and categorical reasoning /via @serenangai #
  • Looking for a good name for our project! Help! It's about university recruitment, business intelligence, sentiment and analytics. #
  • Does anyone want to hang out and solve project euler problems with me this weekend? And maybe write sorting algorithms? #
  • Wondering if I should try some of this for my #GGDOttawa talk – /via @sidneyeve @hopkinsdavid @newsfromtengrrl #
  • On page 27 of 346 page training document. It's going to be a long day! #
  • Neat! Word of web marketing via foodies' social graphs – /via @sidneyeve #
  • And my computer is broken. Again. No tea in sight this time. Oopsie! #
  • It is actually amazing how much I got done in an evening with no movie, workout, or Ally McBeal. Amazing! #
  • Anyone want to go to Montreal on Saturday? #
  • 1. Why did I forget to have dinner? 2. Why does everything hurt so much? Owwwww. Penultimate boot camp. #
  • I don't know why anyone is even following the labour leader election, it's irrelevent. Labour are dead. Long live democracy! #
  • So cool! Soon all cars will run not on gas, but diet coke and mentos! /via @tgrevatt @kitchenmonki @slashfood #
  • If adrien mole had ever really had a job, he would have written poems about waiting for tech support. #
  • I can see my laptop! But don't yet know if dead or alive. #
  • Engage your audience by telling a story – helpful slide deck – /via @sachac #
  • Crazy! Man builds working computer inside LittleBigPlanet video game /via @newsycombinator @filipmares #
  • Having an amazing workshop on effective communication! Extreme blue is awesome for personal developmet! #
  • Keep Calm and Love a Nerd: /via @pixie658 #
  • Most mad scientists are just mad engineers – /via @terriko @collinjackson @loganb) #
  • One of my mentors thinks that I am the computer problem, and is contemplating putting me on a virtual machine. It's fixed now! Really! #
  • I'd better set up email on my domain, stat! What email ad says about skills – /via @tgrevatt @coffeewithjulie @suzemuse #
  • Worst. Afternoon. Ever. #
  • So my friend who's over from the uk did not know that Ottawa was the capital of Canada. Canadians, I'm sorry. #
  • AI that predicts the stock markets better than humans – #
  • Interesting perspectives: Women scientists on the debate over women in science – Boing Boing /via @tgrevatt @bobledrew #
  • On the way to Montreal! Dim sum and shopping with @zmagg and the lovely Malcolm! So exciterai! #
  • Apparently my accent when I speak Chinese is both cute and horrifying. But at least I made the waiter smile 🙂 #

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