Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-03

  • Work permit drama – gah! When you hear "we've never seen this before" from big company, it's not a good sign. Eep! #
  • Great example of reaching out to potential customers via twitter – /via @tgrevatt /by @davefleet #
  • This is funny – comparing @google suggest results – Web Seer – /via @ElleLaMode #
  • Barbie Eat A Sandwich – awesome vid too! /via @RachelleGendron #
  • Making notes about what @uOttawaWISE has done this year – to summarize, "we've been really awesome despite having no money, yo" #
  • Yay just made 5 more loans on @kiva – all from repaid funds! Bringing me up to 32 loans in total! Awesome! #
  • How do I make this suck less?!?!? Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Gah. #
  • Wake up sobbing "I don't want to" – not a sign it's going to be a good day. When can I go back to bed? #
  • Incidentally, I'm in this position because engineers without borders flaked. So apparently they do have some limitations. #
  • Talk done. My bit wasn't a disaster at least. Now what's the earliest acceptable time that I can go to bed? #
  • Want to be an entrepreneur? Drop out of college – /cc @thecodefactory @ckdarby #
  • Leadership, balance, and ambition – interesting read from @kgreg06 #
  • The baby panic – critique of Hewitt's book – great read, insight on feminism and "having it all" – #
  • Getting really lovely comments on my latest blog post – recovering my balance and doing less – #
  • Off to Seattle this arvo to hang out with my favourite @douglasgresham. Must pack! And clean! Arrrgghhh! #
  • So confused by air Canada prestige thing. I can go to the good check in, but my upgrade certs need red not blue. What do the blue ones do? #
  • Oh no oh no oh no… I didn't preregister :,( #
  • Oh no I'm going to be detained and questioned. And where's my luggage? I'm doing worse at flying than @isfalk. Cue tears from Cate! #
  • Yay no questioning! Last time I preregistered and didn't need to still good. Nice border agent too! Luggage showed up – things looking up! #
  • Made it to Seattle. Have luggage but only Canadian money and my cellphone is not working for some reason… Oops! #
  • So @douglasgresham didn't abandon me at the airport yesterday, I just ran away as he got there. Lesson: don't say you "might" pick me up! #
  • Had a lovely day in Seattle with darling @douglasgresham! Saw the original starbucks and the space needle. So glad to have got away! #
  • Thanks to @douglasgresham my CV will be sent to potential employers. I would totally interview me. Or think I was exaggerating. Something. #
  • Mornings shopping and i'm all kitted out for internship. Just need some more shoes… #
  • Oh no! Rollerblades are US size 4 rather than UK size 4 :'( thankfully @zappos has a great return policy! #

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