Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-26

  • Finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Committed" – charming and personal book, rational and skeptical but ultimately hopeful. #
  • Reading Women Don't Ask, which is like a bucket of water to the head. Need to rethink approach to many things! #
  • We have our 10th trustee for @awesomeottawa! This is GO GO GO! #imsoexcitedijustcanthideit #
  • Just decided to go to Seattle for my birthday and booked a trip there. I'll get to hang out with my special @douglasgresham! Yay! #
  • Funny! What *really* happens after you save the princess – /via @skrud @gailcarmichael #
  • I Love Love Love being a girl – being an emotional creature, and Eve Ensler's Ted Talk – #
  • Guy outside church with "free" Gatorade bings new depth to the expression "don't drink the cool aid". #
  • Marking is soul destroying. Starting with someone who didn't bother, and in 20 mins in I've lost all hope for future of compsci. New low. #
  • Marked one assignment, guy did such a terrible job I lost the will to live. 2nd one – doesn't compile. *bangs head against table* #
  • Moving on to no. 3 – handed in previous assignment. I don't know why, they didn't do well at that one, either… #
  • No. 4 – doesn't compile. None of these are my students, btw. Either they are smarter or wouldn't dare torment me so! *sobs* #
  • IDE crashed. Theory: like me it objects to this terrible code. Wondering if "your code made me cry and broke Eclipse" appropriate feedback? #
  • Checking out @google's gvt request tracker, unfortunately no data for China as yet! #
  • Done marking! And the students from my DGD were **much** better than the others. Wonder if it was my repeatedly bugging them to start early! #
  • Fedex is no longer even giving me an ETA for my package, which is still in Stansted :'( stupid volcano. Stupid Gordon Brown. #
  • Bank: "why don't you just pop in to a branch", me, hysterically: "I LIVE IN CANADA I LIVE IN CANADA I CAN'T COME INTO A BRANCH" – gaaaaaaah! #
  • Yay my content is all up for workshop tomorrow! Bit nervous – wish me luck Twitterverse! #
  • Whenever I'm nervous, I sleep so bady I end up feeling I was awake all night. Hopefully all my TAs turn up! Eep! #
  • So I've been asked to give a 45-60 min talk, in French, on Tuesday. They're offering $50. Seriously!!! #
  • Workshop going well! Yay! #
  • Zonked! BUT workshop was a huge success, great reviews and the TAs were awesome. What was I worrying about?! #
  • So I'm presenting in french on Tuesday morning. Eep. Relaxing break after? Starting to think it will never happen! #
  • Canadian are so nice mostly, if I leave it will be due to grocery stores, cellphones and … Banks. #
  • At YOW waiting for my favorite @douglasgresham! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!! #
  • Oh the sake, it burns! #
  • Taking @douglasgresham to @opendataottawa this arvo! Quite excited! #
  • Hacking heat maps with @douglasgresham at #opendataottawa #
  • Yay we have all bus stops in ottawa displaying on a heat map! Finally coming together! #opendataottawa #
  • Have reactivated Facebook, given that I never got anyone's contact details before leaving it. @smiffy has a smarter strategy! #
  • Wow this is a new way to advertise! Really personalized from uniqlo – #
  • Amazing what can be predicted with enough data – #
  • Recapping my holiday science lecture on Tuesday, but feeling distinctly uninspired :'( #

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