Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-19

  • Nooooo finally found a hairdresser I’m happy with and she’s moving to Alberta! #
  • So 80 minute exam took me 25 minutes. A new personal best. I guess we’ll see if that’s a good sign or not! #
  • Sad but true: I’m really looking forward to the upcoming uk election. Bye bye pm potato head! So much for saving the world, idiot. #
  • Unimpressed by someone trying to reschedule an interview with about 90 minutes notice. Urgh. Hiring is HARD! #
  • Don’t bother changing your password, it’s a waste of time – #
  • It’s my birthday next month, hint hint! Make a girl happy with ubuntu pre-installed – /via @terriko #
  • Mmm 12 hour sleeping! Bit lost as to what to do today given I can’t type and am out of episodes of brothers and sisters to watch… #
  • I can’t wait to escape from grad school, the disjoint between education and the real world is driving me crazy – #
  • Interesting perspective from on “suppressing our girl cells” by @kgreg06 #
  • We have our 9th confirmed board member for @AwesomeOttawa! Also #FF to our amazing dean of awesome, @theCodeFactory! #
  • Working on paper about difficulties testing code that relies on external online APIs (like Twitter) – what issues have you run into? #
  • Should we rethink making communication information available? Study Hacks – #
  • Why so few women in silicon valley? #
  • Watching too many tv shows makes me want to fall in love again. #
  • It is not natural for me to be awake at this time on a Sunday. #
  • Fascinating – Materialistic people liked less by peers than ‘experiential’ people: /via @ScienceDaily @russhans #
  • Feeling really crappy after finding out a “friend” had been discussing me behind my back. So fed up of… everything, atm. #
  • When did my life turn into a game of telephone?! Huge mess that I do not have the energy to deal with right now. Cate out. #

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