Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-12

  • Fascinating – women leave eng. due to pay and promotion – /via @pinemud #
  • Heading to the gym. Trying to make better choices after the pathetic hash I made of last week. Have a good one, y'all! #
  • If you're an informatics edinburgh grad check out @EdInfAlumni/informaticsalumni #
  • My office mate totally just tried to kill me. Why would he do such a thing? #peanutallergy #
  • So true – univ students can't code, having a hard time finding qualified TAs for my workshop – /via @gailcarmichael #
  • slow down and keep going /via @jeffreyftang /by @heyamberrae #
  • Urgh I think I'm actually sick rather than just lazy at the moment. Been feeling quite terrible all day and especially this evening :,( #
  • Apt – Twitter (n): a web-based tool to help you see which of your friends are procrastinating. /via @hypatiadotca @gvwilson #
  • I <3 processing, made a little pacman game in less than an hour whilst multitasking. Nice example of 2d array, random numbers + keyboard 🙂 #
  • I'm interviewing people for TA positions today. Eep! Will check they can all generate random numbers after obnoxious idiot in the summer. #
  • Yay I have 2 TAs that know their stuff! Still need more so if you're a strong java programmer with some knowlege of swing I need you! #
  • Want to make Ottawa more awesome? Get on the board of awesome foundation Ottawa! 1830h @thecodefactory! #
  • In my windowless office on a sunny Saturday afternoon, revising. Tell me life gets better than this. #
  • Awesome foundation Ottawa is on twitter – @AwesomeOttawa! Stay posted, we've got big plans and will announce first grant VERY SOON! #
  • Trying to revise for exam, writing 10 lines caused my hand to cramp. At least I still remember how to? I never write anything anymore! #
  • Yet another email from Mark Kelly at uOttawa. Even crazier than the last one. Stop spamming us, weirdo! #

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