Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-05

  • Finally inspired re creating processing workshop. Now much time to teach, so going to make it "activity based" – inspired by don norman. #
  • We procrastinate when we've forgotten who we are – #
  • Tips from @lemire on how to write better paper. Pass along to other grad students! /via @jliyi @mikiobraun #
  • Making grannies Solar Engineers – great quote "men are untrainable" – lol! /via @dgou #
  • Tonight: solving the worlds problems with a liberal application of spicy mayo and British comedy. Or at least improving my perception! #
  • I'd heard CERN was going to end the world today, but unfortunately not in time for me to not have to get up. Huh! #
  • My guest post for @thecodefactory on making Ottawa more awesome! #
  • Necessary reminder – At the end of every computer is a real person – /via @jeffreyftang @jasonfried @sivers #
  • Playing fetch with my roomba and I haven't even cracked open the rum yet. Wild Wednesday night. #whathappenedmylifeusedtobemoreexciting #
  • I think I found my dream home. I wonder if it floats too… /via @emdaniels #
  • Dear _, I hate email. If you email me asking me for something whilst spelling my name wrong my policy is not to respond. Have a crappy day. #
  • Interested in being on the board of awesome? Meetup @thecodefactory Thursday April 8th at 1830h. Pls RT! #
  • Still haven't heard about Awesome Foundation Ottawa? Check out and #
  • Enjoyed this from @kgreg06 this morning – women and their propensity to plan, trying to find balance – #
  • Ohhh these tiny bunnies are the cutest! I want one – or three! /via @pixie658 #
  • Great TED talk – what adults can learn from kids – /via @tseelig @limedsgn #
  • Inspiring – girls get involved with FOSS like @lhawthorn and @webchick! /via @terriko @claudinec #
  • I think someone just tried to pick me up. Creepy rather than an ego boost. Eep. That's it I'm not trying to return calls any more! #
  • I keep having strange dreams about chickens lately. I wonder if it's related to my newfound affection for red wine. #
  • Are we focusing on the wrong things when we try to make ourselves happy? /via @tseelig #
  • Wonderful BBQ with @krusk @tgrevatt and @spoonsie – v good for current morale 🙂 #

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