Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-04

  • T-2 and a bit hours. Have barely slept. Wild eyed and panicky! #
  • Technician guy! Work your magic!!
    (I hate computers) #
  • I'm going to cry. Of course in a talk on technology, technology is kicking me. I'm down technology, I'm down! You win!!! **sobbing** #
  • Survived! #
  • Sad to report that the computer also took round 2 of computer v technician :'( but excited for this afternoon's talk! More people! #
  • Pet hobo: you play with the computer enough and you get desensitized and then a yoyo looks fantastic. #
  • From @dlitz – "Cate's really good at deadpan humour. She told, like 5 jokes, and nobody laughed" – well done me :-s #
  • Thanks to everyone who was encouraging earlier! English talk went really well and I'm happy and relieved. Now to take a few days off! #
  • Last night a television fell on me and hit me on the head. Surprisingly I'm feeling OK this morning, apart from slight headache. #
  • Who wants to get together for a processing jam, Tuesday 5th Jan? #
  • BTW, we're having a party on NYE! Come if you don't already have plans 🙂 #
  • Boyf is being v unreasonable about getting rid of the TV that fell on my head. Also there was a dresser that fell on me too. Ouch. #
  • What related posts plugins do people recommend for wordpress? #
  • Yummy sushi at 1830! See you there! #
  • Really fun and sushi filled evening. Terrible headache though. Protip – don't have a tv fall on your head. #
  • Lovely @jpdaigle made me apple crumble and custard, unfortunately I told him I hate apples before I realized he'd done something nice for me #
  • I am really terrible at this relaxing malarky… So much I want to do! Today might be the day I deal with my email. #
  • I set up a custom twitter landing page (read somewhere it's a good idea). Have you guys done that? What do you think? #
  • Convincing boyf to watch girly movie = good. Adding custard = outstanding! Spifftastical! #
  • Someone just dm'd me saying they'd sent me an email. A sign that my email has become a real problem? #
  • Priceline, why do you have a tab called "email preferences" when you won't let me express my preference not to receive email from you? #fail #
  • Boyf is very taken by hamster calendar my mom got us – sample quote, "This one thinks he's a lump of sugar!" #
  • Trying to make loans on @kiva with gift certs from @map_maker and @dlitz but they appear to be out of people to loan to! Wow! #
  • Ploughing through email. Determined to start 2010 at inbox zero! Nothing else done though. Think lack of email is key to my productivity. #
  • Having a Bad Hair Life. But looking forward to tonight! Hope I can stay awake until midnight. Also – happy new year Brits! #
  • There's a baby in my apartment! Eeeep! #
  • Boyf and I have been dancing like crazy people to "remember you're a womble". A potential resolution for the new year, I think! #
  • Saw the new year in bouncing up and down on the roof with 20+ people. Great start to 2010!!!! #
  • Hi 2010, can we have a do-over of this morning tomorrow? Urgh, hangover! Great party though! Tons of people, some of them I didn't know! #
  • Is this why you don't go skiing witha hangover? Because a pair of skis might land on your nose and really hurt? #
  • Apart from skis falling on nose, has been a good start to the year. Fun day skiing with @dlitz and now boyf is making me dinner 🙂 #
  • Great Ted Talk on how the internet helps authoritarian regimes – connectivity =/= democracy! #
  • Oooh there's a course at Carleton next semester where you have to use Haskell! Awesome! Worth the trip to the back of beyond I hope! 🙂 #
  • 73 spam comments on my blog this morning! Need to add captcha or something – any recommendations? #wordpress #
  • Really what I want is for first time commenters to be able to be approved with one-off captcha, rather than waiting for me to approve. #wp #
  • Yay! Made 5 more loans on @kiva 4 of them paid for with repaid funds and gift certs from @dlitz and @map_maker 🙂 #
  • Maru (by the Bytown) is giving away tons of coupons on Facebook – #
  • Don Norman on 3 ways good design makes you happy! This guy is awesome, love his work! #
  • Yay! Have changed theme on blog and added navigation back to main site (thanks to @dlitz and @ddej) – #
  • *sigh* have birthday cake for my friend and ingredients for dinner… and his car won't start :'( #
  • Anyone who doubts the power of online communities should check out this video – heartwarming /via @TheBloggess #
  • RT @CACMmag Best practices for CS teachers: #
  • This is awesome! Gravity Swarm, built using processing /via @jpdaigle #
  • Can't get this song out of my head – date my avatar (nice vid, too) /via @jdemond #
  • This is super cool! iPhone + book for interactive experience. /via @gailcarmichael @augmented #
  • Preparing for my first x-country ski. It's cold outside. A terrible idea and I'm probably going to die (no, I'm not being melodramatic!!!!!) #
  • Survived. Treena v patient although did haul me off ground by scruff twice! Brrr cold now and covered in snow. Need tea! #
  • Watching girlie movies and wishing I had custard! X-country skiing and swimming have wiped me out completely. #
  • RT @jpdaigle Processing Jam Jan 05, 18:00 at @kittenthebad's place Reply: @twegather #ProcessingJam Yes/No/Maybe #
  • World Map of Social Networks by country /via @Vincos @DanielAlfon #
  • Super cool! Visualizing version control – Gource – /via @kateho #
  • RT @mwbuckingham You may, on occasion, be tempted to measure yourself by what you believe. Others will always measure you by how you behave. #
  • Awesome and humbling – I have a long way to go! Teach Yourself Programming in 10 Years – #

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