“Marketing Experts” on Twitter

There was a point on Twitter where it seemed like every day I’d check my email and discover that I’d been followed by yet another “Marketing Expert”. I had to wonder how many there were…

WeFollow was the obvious way to do this. So I made my way through the list, hacked some URLs and I have a number.


Seventeen thousand, four hundred and fifty. Seriously, check out this link. By the time you read this, there’ll likely be more. Crikey! Not saying all these people try and sell themselves as “marketing experts”, and these are obviously only those with the nous to register on WeFollow. But still. If we estimate the number of people on Twitter to be 1 million, 1.745% of the people on Twitter are in “Marketing”. They range from 0 followers to 997,354. The person in the middle (Number 8725) has 244. So there’s a power law graph going on here with the long tail graph. The first 3765 have over 1000 followers.

Actually, that’s kind of less than I expected. So, good to know that Twitter isn’t made up mostly of people in Marketing. Adds to it’s appeal, for me at least. WeFollow is an interesting resource, I wish they had an API…