Greetings, World 2.0

So, I was talking to my supervisor the other day about what I’m reading for my research, and he told me that I should be focusing on academic papers, because blogs, newspapers, and books aren’t as reliable a source. And he’s right, I can’t just cite The Economist, and The Guardian and the Bloggers Blog and have that be my thesis.

However… as a Computer Scientist I have to say – it’s really cool to read about the kind of things I’m working on in these places. If I told you what I did for my undergraduate thesis, even if you’re in CS too… your eyes would likely glaze over. And that’s OK – mine did too at times. But to be working on something current, something now… working on the things that everyone I know interacts with every day? That’s really pretty exciting to me.

I’m looking at Web 2.0, Usability and other fun things. At the moment, my focus is on Twitter. More soon!